Active hard-rock with an addictive emotional appeal. Influences include STP, Incubus, 311, Strata and Nonpoint.


Soiree Productions, LLC

Soiree is a spontaneous combustion of Rock Music blowing up across the state of North Carolina. Four self-proclaimed “friends for life” formed the group in the fall of 2005. Inspired by each other, songs came together quickly and the first demo was recorded inside of Screen Gems Studios under the direction of Grammy-nominated sound engineer, Alex Foley. Less than four months later, enough material for a full-length album was ready and the job of recording fell into the hands of producer, Tommy Brothers. Tommy is known for his work with Screen Gems and owns recording studio, Audio Genesis.

Other accomplishments of the band include their feature on “One Tree Hill.” Soiree plays as the back up band for the star of the show, actress Bethany Joy (Haley). Leading actress and rock star for the series, her debut album has been released on Epic Records. In this episode, Peyton hosts a Breast Cancer Benefit Concert called Friends with Benefit. Special performances include Jack’s Mannequin, Fall Out Boy, and Bethany Joy Lenz with Soiree.
Aired February 15, 2006 on the WB Network.


Debut album titled Never Ending Daydream;
Released in 2006.

Set List

One 45-60 minute set with 12 songs.
All songs are original.

Blind Mistress
Another Dimension
Take Me Away
Far Behind
The Score
Never Ending Daydream
End of You
In Your Place
Heaven or Hell
Answer My Question