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SOIREE @ The Soapbox

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

SOIREE @ John J's

Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

SOIREE @ The Dive Bar

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


50,000 copies in NC
January Issue, 2006

Soiree- (Swah-ray) def. “A party or gathering happening at night”; hot new Wilmington Band

Soiree, the hottest new band coming out of Wilmington, NC, has gotten off to a great start. Founded only two months ago by music veteran, Justin Gaines, the band is all ready on its way to performing shows across the southeast NC coast. Two months after getting together, the band has all ready written eight songs and is currently working on new material. Plus, the recording of their demo tracks gives way for good opportunity.
The foundation for the band begins with the collaboration between friends, Eric Brooker (bass) and former Indonation drummer, Justin Gaines. Using a Grassroots approach, they enlisted the help of guitarist, Mike Carlough, and vocalist, Josh Lewis. In short, Eric and Justin are the experience and backbone of the band while Mike and Josh add energy and innovation. One set of friends creates the ideas while the other set forms the follow through. What does this mean? It means this band knows how to get stuff done.
Recording their four-track demo album was a pivotal move for the band. Financed by an outside investor, the tracks were recorded by North Star Studios at Screen Gems Studios. Grammy nominated sound engineer, Alex Foley, recorded the tracks in October. Foley was nominated for a Grammy for his work on the movie “Black Dog.” Plus, he is known for working with the legendary Bluegrass artist Doc Watson and Hip-Hop star Andre 3000 from Outkast. Currently, Foley does sound recording for One Tree Hill and Surface, two series filmed in Wilmington, NC and broadcasted on the WB.
As far as live performances go, this band is hot (literally, these guys are hot). The technical elegance of Justin’s style fits perfectly with the flowing precision of Eric’s bass lines. Mike’s original Indie melody, reminiscent of Strata and Nonpoint, echoes the lead sounds. Josh, the energy and life of the band, naturally seals the deal. Favorite songs include “Answer my Question,” “Blind Mistress,” and “Far Behind.”
If you have not heard this band already, songs may be heard through their web page at While you’re there, check the calendar for more information on show dates.
- The Village Idiot

“HALEY'S BAND"- The band's name is Soiree.
They are pretty cool guys! I found out they were "Haley's Band" in episodes of One Tree Hill! You can catch Soiree credited as Haley’s band in episodes featuring Haley performing with a band in the Friends with Benefit Concert. Just Watch the Fireworks airing on February 15! Other guest stars in that episode include Jack's Mannequin and Fall Out Boy!
During my conversation I found out that Bethany Joy and her husband appear to still be on their honeymoon because they are never away from each other! I also found out that Hilarie was the coolest of the crew to Soiree! Anyways, this band is really good and I really urge all of you to check them out and support them! You won't be sorry!
ME: Did you talk to the cast (besides Bethany)?
SOIREE: Yeah, we saw the girl that plays Chad's mom, Moira. Then we saw Chad he ran and hid in his trailer. We got pictures with Fall Out Boy, and Jack's Mannequin. They were a cool bunch of guys. Ummmm… Sophia walked by us when we were out back and I didn't know it was her, but I said "What’s up girl!" Ohhh. And Hilarie was real cool. That’s about it.
ME: Awesome!!! Everyone seems to think Hilarie Burton is cool! How did you get the role? Were there tryouts or something? And was Andrew cool? My sis and me are in love with him!!! Did you get to talk to him much???
SOIREE: Andrew? Is that Bethany's husband? They were walking around a lot together but we were trying not to bother anyone and get in their way. Hilarie was definitely the coolest at least towards me. Bethany shook all of our hands and thanked us. We got the gig outta luck really. Josh, our singer, has done a lot of extra's work for Screen Gems and apparently they knew he was a musician so they asked him to round us up. It worked out really well though. It was a really long day and we had just played a gig the night before. They paid us real well too. I guess our official status was "featured extra" they said if they needed a band again they would call us because we did a good job.:) ME: That sounds cool! Actually I was talking about Andrew the lead singer/pianist of Jack's Mannequin! . Did you talk with him much? And you saw Bethany with her husband? That’s cool!!! I didn't know he was down there with her. He's in a band too (I don't know if you know or not... they're called Enation).
SOIREE: Ohhhhh I wasn't sure... we didn't really get to talk to him much... Just hi's and byes. One of them (I'm not sure which one) hung out with us for quite awhile outside. We were joking around together. I remember a friend of mine mentioning that Bethany's hubby was in a band too. Those two were still honeymooning I think. They didn’t leave each other’s side the whole day!
ME: Oh wow! They were still honeymooning and she's working!
Thank you for talking to me and keep up the awesome work with your music! I look forward to seeing you guys in next Wednesday’s episode! Good luck!

- One Tree Hill


Debut album titled Never Ending Daydream;
Released in 2006.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Soiree Productions, LLC

Soiree is a spontaneous combustion of Rock Music blowing up across the state of North Carolina. Four self-proclaimed “friends for life” formed the group in the fall of 2005. Inspired by each other, songs came together quickly and the first demo was recorded inside of Screen Gems Studios under the direction of Grammy-nominated sound engineer, Alex Foley. Less than four months later, enough material for a full-length album was ready and the job of recording fell into the hands of producer, Tommy Brothers. Tommy is known for his work with Screen Gems and owns recording studio, Audio Genesis.

Other accomplishments of the band include their feature on “One Tree Hill.” Soiree plays as the back up band for the star of the show, actress Bethany Joy (Haley). Leading actress and rock star for the series, her debut album has been released on Epic Records. In this episode, Peyton hosts a Breast Cancer Benefit Concert called Friends with Benefit. Special performances include Jack’s Mannequin, Fall Out Boy, and Bethany Joy Lenz with Soiree.
Aired February 15, 2006 on the WB Network.