So is the Tongue

So is the Tongue


"The epic orchestrations of this progressive three piece from central New Jersey range from swirling psychedelia to fits of heavy doom laden cacophony."-Water Street Lounge


Formed in the fall of 2005, So is the Tongue is a progressive/experimental 3 piece from central New Jersey. We had a different drummer first that didn't want to learn stuff like poly-rhythms so he just played shitty blast beats instead. That sucker had to go and luckily we found the chef to take his place.

Since winter of 2006 we've been playing clubs, bars, basements and other DIY spaces in tri-state area including NYC and Philadelphia with such bands as Cleric, Behold...The Arctopus, Kayo Dot, Unearthly Trance, East of the Biclops, Dysrhythmia, Bloody Panda, A.F. Elephant., and the fake Jerry Only fronted Misfits to name a few.

So is the Tongue recorded their debut album over the course of a year on the top floor of a jersey shore mansion by a certain myspace celebrity/dep guitar tech. We now bring you 4 (long) songs that can't be edited down to 3:30, don't have a chorus, you can't dance to it, and definitely won't get you any chicks if they find you listening to it.


"Topid & Blight" CD/LP 2009

Set List

So is the Tongue's set's are usually constructed around how much time we are given to play, due to our songs ranging from 8-17 minutes. The most songs we've played in a set are 4 (45 minute set) and the least 1 (we were given a 20 min limit once so we played one 16 min song).