Imagine stepping inside a new wave, discotheque arcade, where the boombox shocks, the disco ball drops, and the kick drum keeps the time. Characterized by bombastic grooves, alluring melodies, and provocative lyrics, SO IT GOES was a "new punk wave dance rock" band that disbanded in December 2009.


Following up on the success of its first full-length record – "Historionics" – SO IT GOES celebrates the release of its new EP, "The Quick Fix" featuring the single "Rejection!," which was recently featured by City Pages (Minneapolis) as "The mp3 of the Week." Ed Ackerson (Susstones, Polara, Golden Smog) at Flowers Studio and Eric Lovold (The Alarmists) at Instrument Controls studio worked the controls to capture the sonic energy unique to SO IT GOES.

Characterized by up-tempo rhythms, new wave bass grooves, alluring melodies, and provocative lyrics, "The Quick Fix" is now available on iTunes.

SO IT GOES hopes to once again turn heads as the people and critics have taken notice:

"This one just had the misfortune of having been misplaced in this mess I call an office, or it would've at least garnered a mention on my Best Of list last week....Historionics is a genuine groundbreaker of an album, and with the band planning on hitting the road soon, there's no time like the present to remind music nuts about this up-and-coming local outfit....Helmed by brothers/songwriters Adam Payson and Travis Arthur and ably backed by drummer Micah Thor and bassist Brian Gruidl, SIG comes off with a post-new wave blast that produces a feeling akin to being bounced around in time musically; from the heady, experimental days of the '80s to some unknown, heretofore undiscovered future genre in the blink of an eye."
--Pulse of the Twin Cities Magazine

**** stars
"On their refreshing, coke-tinged slamfest of an LP, So It Goes expertly navigates the border between tacky new wave throwback group and pioneering post-punk. Not until the 8th track, "Seven Dials," does the party hit the 4 a.m. wall. Produced and recorded at Minneapolis' Flowers Studio, the group worked with Ed Ackerson (The Replacements, Golden Smog) to capture the energy and enthusiasm that's making the group's live shows so popular."
--Indie Matters

"I have a great appreciation for what So It Goes does for this genre. They bring a raw rock attitude and energy and use these ingredients to really breathe some much needed new life in the newer, new wave movement. The final track on the record, Hot Pink Dress is a perfect example of the intensity they bring to the table. I can only imagine that So It Goes is a damn fun band to see on stage....The production on Historionics is very top notch. In an age of digital recordings, it’s nice to hear something independent that has a much more organic sound. It seems every other independent disc these days is over-polished and perfected on a computer. This record doesn’t sound like the musicians punched in to correct every little mistake or nuance. And that just might be the reason why the record does have a live, energetic feel to it."
--Perfect Porridge

**** four stars
"Quirky pop-rock saw quite a revival this year with Franz Ferdinand, The Kaiser Chiefs, OK GO!, and Panic! At the Disco all gaining a fair share of public consciousness. Four guys from Minneapolis have been paying attention, and they are called So It Goes. Their new CD, Histrionics, does a very, very good job duplicating the edgy new-wave guitar-disco sound that made the previously mentioned bands popular. Tracks like "No Guns No Love" and "Robots Are Dead" are packed with dance floor energy as the guitars slam power chords sideways against the vocals, not unlike the nearly-famous early 80's New Zealand outfit Split Enz. Sometimes the off-kilter time signatures are intentionally jarring ("Propaganda"), but this album is mostly just good clean fun. Histrionics will be right at place next to your Hot Hot Heat or Clap Your Hands Say Yea CD. Play it when caffeine isn't doing the trick."

"The sound is incredibly infectious and energetic, buoyed by the strong vocals and the dance-y atmosphere it invokes. This is certainly a cheery record but it also packs a wallop as evidenced in the raw and punchy “Ready, Control” – the crowning moment on a very solid album."
-Punk Rock Reviews



Written By: SO IT GOES/Adam Payson Gislason


From the stereo to the tele
System soundcheck
Throw the switch
Hit the floor
Across overseas
On all frequencies

Can’t tune it out
Or turn it off
Like a blackbox
Endless searching for more
The crave and the need
It feeds the disease

Broadcast from the satellites
The Megalomania Fashionista Hype
Radiowaves that hypnotize
Soaked in Pop

Subscription fantasies
Thirty seconds nothing to it
Barcode all beliefs
For everything that we need

Broadcast from the satellites
The Megalomania Fashionista Hype
Radiowaves that hypnotize
Soaked in Pop…

Commercial mania
Pay the price
For the Western Fever
It’s the Fashionista Hype
Megalomaniac appetite
They sell the Pop and…
We suck it dry!


Written By: Adam Payson Gislason


She doesn't want me
She doesn't want me
And it's so hard to take
Pity the heart that breaks
And all the love we won't make it

I feel so down playing your fool
I'm gonna tell you how much
I hate you
For the

One more time
It's my prize
My Valentine
I just thought I'd tell you that
Yeah yeah

She doesn't love me
No, no she never
She never loved me
And now I set her free
She says she wants to be
Alone and happy
So happy

Oh, kick me when I'm down
Playing your fool
You're looking so hot
Looking so cool
For the

One more time
Is my prize
My Valentine
I just thought I'd tell you that
Yeah yeah



1. Rejection!
2. Flashpoint
3. Everyone's An Addict
4. Give It A Go.
5. Civilized.

Radio: All tracks FCC clean
Produced by: ATOM BOMB and SO IT GOES
Recorded at Flowers Studio, Minneapolis, MN; Instrument Controls Studio, St. Paul, MN.
Genre: Rock/Pop
Label: Now Here This Music (Independent)


1. Get On With It (3:08)
2. No Guns (2:45)
3. Ready, Control (2:23)
4. Popaganda (3:27)
5. Animal Show (3:24)
6. Robots Are Dead (2:23)
7. The Apology (2:46)
8. Seven Dials (4:45)
9. Naked Truth (4:07)
10. Defcon One (2:46)
11. Hot Pink Dress (3:16)

Radio Tracks: 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9 (recommended)
Radio: All tracks FCC clean
Produced by: Ed Ackerson and SO IT GOES
Record at Flowers Studio, Minneapolis, MN.
Genre: Rock/Pop
Label: Now Here This Records (Independent)
Radio Promotions: Vitriol Radio Promotions
HISTORIONICS is now playing and streaming on radio stations across the United States.

Set List

Set list varies from show to show, night to night. SO IT GOES typically plays a 45 min. to 1 hour set comprising of original tracks from debut full-length CD -- HISTORIONICS -- and the band's new EP, "The Quick Fix". On rare but special occassions, the band will launch into its take on a cover song.

Cover songs played on rare occassions:

Lust for Life:::Iggy Pop
Girls & Boys:::Blur
Damaged Goods:::Gang of Four
I Wanna Be Your Dog:::The Stooges
Nightclubbing:::Iggy Pop
I Love Rock-N-Roll:::Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
What Do I Get?:::The Buzzcocks
Several tunes from The Clash, Bob Marley, and New Order.