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"Sojourn at the Vineyard"

"Playing the final night in a five-week residency local rockers Sojourn had the small venue packed. As they launched into '18', the strongest track from their new EP, these four superbly dressed boys had catured everyone in the room's attention, and even a few smokers outside were craning their heads towards the windows.

Rock always hits a little sweeter when the mofos playing it look fucking great! But that's certainly not to take away from the fact the Sojourn are great players. Despite the predictable rock posturing of the three boys with guitars, it all came acrosss fresh. The highlight of the set was Sojourn's inspired and attitude laden rendition of Brian Jonestown Massacre's 'Not If You Were the Last Dandy on Earth'. The corridor like format of the vineyard proved a perfect conductor of Sojourn's raw rock power". Dan Watt - Beat Magazine. - Dan Watt - Beat Magazine


'Mama, I Got No Soul' EP - Indie, 2006. The initial small run Sold Out, reissues now available *with prettier packaging. Local and national airplay. Favourite of local rock DJ's in melbourne...

'Hello' EP, 2003.

Sojourn (Self Titled) 2007
Recorded by Loki Lockwood (the Drones, Spiderbait)
Tracks 18, My Lady My Girl have been played consistenly on local and regional radio in Melbourne and throughout the Country



In 2002, three wide eyed young musicians finished high school in Launceston, Tasmania before moving across the Strait to Melbourne, Australia. In the following years they started a band – Sojourn – as nothing more than a release of youthful rock n roll in it’s simplest fashion, and going completely against the grain of synthesizers, dance beats and hipsters, which began to smother the vibrant music scene that Melbourne is known for. In early 2007, under the wing of Loki Lockwood (The Drones, Spiderbait), they recorded their first 5 track EP. On the back of this recorded they were invited to play in Los Angeles at an iconic venue on the Sunset Strip. With the help of generous and eager promoters, Sojourn turned the trip into a month long 5 show stint.

In January 2008, the young and grisly rock n rollers returned from their first trip abroad where they played 5 electrifying shows at some of LA’s most iconic venues. From the first show of 400 punters at the Key Club in Hollywood, to a tightly packed little cocktail bar known as the Viper Room, Sojourn made a small but significant stamp on the LA scene. Generating a following in the short 5 weeks that the band was overseas, the boys are looking to return to California within the year, with talks of being brought out to produce a record and to jump on a larger scale tour. The band got to experience a bigger audience and the excitement of playing in an unknown environment every night. They also popped in to a few parties in between and were even invited to attend the kick off party for the Grammy Awards. On the back of one show, the gigantic and historic Amoeba Music in Hollywood has began stocking Sojourn’s first EP. Now back in Australia the band is tighter than ever and ready to get back to the pubs of Melbourne and do their thing.