State Of Krisis

State Of Krisis

 Pullman, Washington, USA
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State of Krisis is a high energy, positive hip hop experience. Lyrics with a message and beats to dance to, blue collar hip hop at its finest. SOK are consistently pushing the shows, music and the movement to another level.

While not only headlining their own tour in 201, SOK also featured on shows with Tech 9, Rittz, Jarren Benton, and The Game.

Armed with a brand new record "Chaos Theory", State of Krisis continues to bring their unique brand of Northwest Hip Hop to the mainstream.


Blue collar hip hop. Grungy, lyrical, energetic, and without boundries. Those are only a few of the words to describe "State Of Krisis."  Comprised of three members: The Krisis, Jack Skiles, and their DJ, Reverend Darkblood. This powerhouse group has been stomping all over the west coast with their high energy and entertaining live shows. Together, for the last five years, State of Krisis has grown their yearly headlining tour, from just a few stops in their homestate of Washington, to the most recent 2018 run - including 12 cities, 7 states, and major markets such as Las Vegas, Sacramento, and San Jose. 40+ hour work week jobs by day, and performing artists by night, State of Krisis has stayed relevent by releasing their second album "Chaos Theory," and recently completing their headlining tour. Other eyes have noticed State Of Krisis, as they were invited to perform by Strange Music with Tech Nine in late 2016 and early 2017.  Furthermore, State of Krisis was invited to sold-out shows with Nappy Roots and Afroman on multiple stops in 2017.  Finally, in 2017 State Of Krisis was able to notch their first festival as they were invited to the Gathering Of The Juggalos 201.  State Of Krisis isn't for just one age or hip hop genre; they attract and reach the hard working average citizen. No lyrics about flashy cars, silly money, or drug and gangsta references, rather, lyrics about social ideas and problems every person can relate to.  Music to take a break from the riggors of every day life. A chance to just be real for a minute, however that may be. These are the ways to describe State Of Krisis. Jason Kennedy aka, "The Krisis," with his off-the-wall eccentrics and 90's grunge rocker mentality, Jason Skiles aka, "Jack Skiles" and his lyrical prowess that transends color, race or creed, and Mark Hopkins, aka Reverend Darkblood bringing it all together with hypes, music, and non-stop scratching effects, State Of Krisis brings the complete package. Highly engaging live performance, quality music that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and a group personality that invites everyone to join in the craziness, the ludicris, the spontaneous, and unpredictability that comes from the group out of the great Pacific Northwest, State Of Krisis.

Notable shows during 2017
01/27/17 | Krizz Kaliko | Moscow, ID | Opening Act
01/19/17 | Nappy Roots | Moscow, ID | Featured Act
02/02/17 | DJ Unk | Pullman, WA | Co-Headliner
02/03/17 | DJ Unk |  Lynwood, WA | Co-Headliner
02/04/17 | DJ Unk |  Tacoma, WA | Co-Headliner
02/13/17 | Brotha Lynch | Olympia, WA | Featured Act
02/24/17 | Afroman | Moscow, ID | Co-Headliner
02/26/17 | Afroman | Olympia, WA | Co-Headliner
03/31/17 | Tech Nine | Spokane, WA | Opening Act
06/16/17 | Kirko Bangz | Spokane, WA | Featured Act
06/17/17 | Kirko Bangz | Olympia, WA | Featured Act
06/18/17 | Kirko Bangz | Seattle, WA | Featured Act
07/09/17 | Ces Cru | Olympia, WA | Featured Act
07/22/17 | Slapfrost Tour | Spokane, WA | Featured Act
07/29/17 | GOTJ Festival | OKC, OK | Featured Act
09/21/17 | Cordell Drake | Pullman, WA | Featured Act
10/22/17 | Afroman | Pullman, WA | Opening Act
10/13/17 | Five Alarm Funk | Moscow, ID | Featured Act

08/10/17 - 08/21/17 "In The Woods" Headlining Tour spanning 11 cities and 7 states.


"State Of Krisis" - Album
Released 2015

"Chaos Theory" - Album
Released 2016

Set List

State of Krisis set lists are generated for each individual show based on attendees and feel of the crowd. SOK can perform on all genre billings and events.