If SoKey had started out in Seatle in the early 90s, we'd have fit right in. The scene has changed greatly but that is the fuel from which we light our fire.


Ontario Independent Music Award
Nominee 2008

Winners Best Metal Band 2008 at the Ontario Independent Music Awards

On Rotation at Indielove Radio

Interviewed & Live acoustic set on Indielove Radio

Interviewed Via Live Linkup & On Rotation On BBC Radio UK

Jaigermister Semi Finalist's out of 400 Bands

Interviewed & On Rotation On

SoKey Featured In Uncharted Sounds E-Zine Dec

1st Place Winners @ The Paragon 20/20 Band Clash

Jan SoKey Interviewed & Live Set on Uncharted Wave Radio

SoKey winners @ The Paragon 20/20 Band Clash Semi's, Now in the Finals

SoKey are an up and coming Canadian band creating waves in the Ontario music scene and abroad with there catchy,
hook-laden sound that harkens back to the days of 90s grunge rock, perfectly flavored with a whole lotta 21st century attitude.

Hailing from the small town of Milton, the first seeds of SoKey were planted after the meeting of
Steve McFarlane (vocals/bass) and Dave Knott (vocals/guitar) at school. They soon realized that music was
their common passion. After a few name changes and a short rotation of band members, enter in Tom Knott (Drums) and Ty Mackenzie (lead guitar) to complete the line up, and SoKey was born. Now in there third year performing together they have
a well-seasoned sound that far exceeds there time together.

SoKey attribute there unique sound to an amalgamation of there individual influences. There musical prowess
has been shaped and changed by the hundreds of great alternative rock bands since the grunge days faded into the past,
but the root is still firm. Being compared to the likes of Sound Garden and Nirvana, with crunching guitar riffs, jazz inspired drumming, Zack Wylde-esqe lead licks and melodic and powerful singing, SoKey continues on, marching through any pop
genre of the moment. This blend that they have expertly orchestrated is a sound SoKey can truly call their own.

Having created a healthy buzz in the Ontario music scene as a forceful live act and winning best Metal Band
2008 at the Ontario Independent Music Awards, SoKey are gaining more media attention, one of which being
interviewed, played and on rotation at BBC Radio UK also featured in Uncharted Sounds E-zine and many other
Internet radio stations. There four track EP entitled “How Key Is It” produced by Justin Koop of B Town Sound
is a blend of youthful spirit and raw guts by a band determined to unleash there vision on a unsuspecting public hungry
for a taste of real life.

SoKey are currently playing many live venues and have been accepted to play at Canadian Music Week,
They are also working on there first full length album to be released later this year and are looking forward
to there UK tour in the fall. Here is what people are saying about them.

“God Save The Children has a to die for chorus that Linkin Park would kill for”
Ken Foster Strummer Live Magazine UK.

“This down to earth crew, for all their talent, aren’t fazed by the accolades rolling in”
Katie Underwood Uncharted Sounds Magazine.

“This I’ll Defend and the aforementioned God Save The Children, each song has been crafted to balance
harmony and lyrics perfectly, the album captures you with every note and refrain. My only regret is that
this is only a four track EP”.
Donna Danielli Street Beat Magazine.

“Knott and Mackenzie do a sterling job of emanating the same kind of excitement that I remember
from seeing Sabbath in 76”
Ken Foster Strummer Live Magazine UK


I Goheen

Written By: Sokey

I am nothing less than what you led me to believe
Why can't we all go and become everything we dream

But not know it

Although the price is steep, if we could just agree on any little thing
We might stand a chance for another candle-lit romance, and be epic afterall

If we are far too young (we don't know it)
Do not possess the guts (we won't show it)
And we should play with guns (we won't blow it)

Strike me down you'll never see
Past your world of make believe
Waste it like the others did
Out of your mind, you were never different


How Key It Is - 4 Song EP


Set List

Two sets - 30m - All but one original
Silverchair cover - Israel's Son

Originals include; This I'll Defend, Night After Night, It Burns, I Goheen, Called It No Challenge, God Save The Children, New Killer Arms, Flaming Young, Come Out (With Your Hands Up), Ted Dibiasy, The Divide, Memories