Old Skool Rock n' Roll without the cliche, SOL 3 plays well crafted, hook driven, guitar rock.


SOL 3, former heavyweights of Edmonton’s independent music scene have relocated to Vancouver and are poised to conquer Vancouver and beyond with their brand of well crafted, hook driven, guitar rock. Influenced by the great bands from every era in Rock n’ Roll history including the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Pixies, and U2, SOL 3 have evolved to create their own distinct and unique sound that pays tribute to all of the great Rockers of the past while maintaining a fresh and relevant sound for the modern age.

SOL 3 was first formed by song writers Blair Bellerose (guitars) and Lou Foley (vocals) in 1997. The two of them have in fact been writing together since 1991 and have developed an intuitive creative bond not heard since the early days of Jagger/Richards and Page/Plant. In 2004, SOL 3 recruited heavy hitter and long-time Vancouver musician Rick “Grizzly” Adams to play drums adding a new dimension of power to the band. Then in 2005, SOL 3 added ex Sarah McLachlan bassist and fellow Edmontonion Jeff Sawatzky on bass guitar.

SOL 3’s past accomplishments are many and include award nominations, radio exposure, and televised live performances. They have been a featured artist on commercial radio stations ranging from 100.3 The Bear in Edmonton to BBC Radio in Birmingham, England. Recently SOL 3 won a worldwide competition called Battle of The Bats on the UK’s hottest internet radio station, Monochrome Museum. They also recently advanced to the Vancouver finals of the Emergenza Music Festival.

SOL 3’s latest CD, Ultrafade, is available now!


Sawney Beane

Written By: B. Bellerose/J. Foley

He comes like a bad dream,
crawling from the Irish Sea.
Stealing those who roam,
too close to his rotting hole.

A cry splits the air,
that lady fair goes down,
under the sea.
The lad gets away,
brings back the Great King James.


Sawney Beane, he ain't from under the sea.
and he just loves it when you scream.
He feeds, upon the souls and hearts of men,
the hearts of men.

Searching for his home,
and now that the tide has gone,
piles of pretty things,
gold, clothes, human remains.

A stench in the cave,
holds back the brave men too,
until it seems,
no one else will scream out,
Sawnet Beane! Sawney Beane!


Oh that Sawney Beane,
loves it when you scream.
Loves to taste the horrors of hell,
with daughters in bed,
no sirens in blue and red.

Beta Video Tape Head

Written By: B. Bellerose/J. Foley

Well alright, he's watchin'
It's not right to say that I'm the one,
who makes you go away.
It's just you that sits there all the time,
tripping through the day.
You don't look so good,
without your beta video tape.

It's not cool to claim that,
we're the likes of you when your insane.
It's just you that crawls around the floor,
waiting to complain.
Just press play and see,
what happens in your brain.


I'm watching beta, lying in bed.
Got it goin on,
with my video tape head.
Watching beta, that's what I said,
Got it goin on with my video tape head.

It's not time to fail,
at all the things that you've tried to do.
You can take a breath,
and stop your face, turning royal blue.

You don't talk so tough,
without your beta video tune.
It's not true to say,
I'm the one naked and confused,

when it's just you,
that sits and stares ahead feeding on the tube.
Just press pause and take
a look around the room.


Mrs Wannabe

Written By: B. Bellerose/J. Foley

Hey Mrs. Wannabe,
I've seen your kind slinking round before.
It's what you're gonna be,
that keeps you come back every day for more,

but I gotta say,
that you got no game, when it comes to me.
I've had your way,
like carbon-copies, piled up to my knees.


You don't wanna believe,
you just wanna belong.
You just wanna sing,
everybodys song.

No way to recieve,
frequency gone wrong,
Keep on singing out,
everybodys song.

Know whatcha wanna do,
is stand in line as close as you can see.
Reaching hands out,
to a star that you'll never-ever be.

Did ya like it,
when he toched your body, told you, it was you.
Did ya bite his lip,
just to leave your mark on something that was new.


Well you've got no game,
when it comes to me,
oh yeah, you'll see.

Residential School

Written By: B. Bellerose/J. Foley

Lets give thanks to the government,
for all that they've done for us.
Bring back a time when everyone,
lived in a house of trust.

Let's hear more from the church that knows,
just how to shave kids heads.
Separate brother, sister,
teach them some respect.


You gotta take it back,
and don't let go.
Remind them whats behind,
that door.
Tied up and sick, Resident School.
Tied up and sick, resident.

Stand up! You know someone who knows,
just what we don't mean.
Take away alphabets,
and strip them of belief.

Let's see, more through the elders eyes,
all that they've been through,
bring back at time when everyone,
portaged with canoes.


You gotta take it back,
and don't let go.
Remind them whats behind,
that door.
Tied up and sick, Resident School.
Tied up and sick, resident.

Stand up, stand up resident
Stand up and make things right
Stand up, stand up resident
Don't give up the fight!


SOL 3 - Self-Titled CD
Dragline - Single Release
Ultrafade - CD includes internet radio favourites such as Sawney Beane, Beta Video Tape Head, Residential School, and Mrs Wannabe
Walking Sublime - Single Release

Set List

Sets range from 30 to 50 minutes with enough original material to do two sets if required. One featured cover: He's a Whore by Cheap Trick