We are SOLACE and we have our ups and downs like a lot of bands. So I know they know where we are coming from.
One thing we know we can say is that having a band and becoming a well known band has been all of our dreams and it is rough going. The best way of knowing who SOLACE is, is to come to our shows and meet us in person. And you will see that SOLACE is a high energy band.

We have been voted as the 2006 Freak Show Idol. This was an internet radio contest for on line voting. We have also entered in a couple of other battle of the bands and have advanced in each of them. Emergenza Festival, where our hopes of going to Europe and playing one of THE LARGEST INTERNATIONAL CONCERT. And Bodog's $1 Million Battle of the Bands Competition.

But for now we are playing around Columbus getting our name and sound out there for everyone that loves ROCK -N- ROLL, will come to LOVE SOLACE.

Music is life, and life is ROCK -N- ROLL

Set List

1-4 sets 45 min to 1.5 hr. depending on number of sets.
Our set list change from show to show. We try not to repeat set lists. Yes we have our favorites but we mix them up. We make our list fit the venue, if we have played before we will put more originals in our list.

Live your life
Life’s a struggle
Cutthroat life
One last chance
Cant take away
Biggest part of me
I don’t care what you think
Mission of mercy
Running through a maze
She said
A story about life
These are the rules of life
I’m lonely
Let's scream
How life changes
When evil comes
Amazing things in life
Honest crime
It's my time
Tell me
Six days
Drink'em on up

Why part 2
69 Tea
Fine again
Where the river flows
No one
When I’m gone
Leader of men
Santa Monica
Taking care of business
My own prison
It’s been a while
Driven under
Possum kingdom
Why I’m here
No surprise