Solace - noun
Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress; consolation.
A source of comfort or consolation.

SOLACZ is an original band with a unique sound that integrates rock with soul that is sometimes called, urban rock! SOLACZ is actively engaged in the creating a new masterpiece; their second self produced album, which is set to hit take them to the top of the charts! Guitarist Sam Wright, founder of SOLACZ, has recently been recording, performing and touring with some of today’s biggest Reggae and Pop artists. Vocalist, Jevon McGlory, nephew to Philip Bailey of EWF, has just returned from touring with Rza of the Wu Tang Clan. The band also features talented and gifted musicians, Andrew Espantman on drums, and Derrick Wong on bass.
The band is currently working with award winning producer/engineer Michael Vail Blum (Madonna, Pink Floyd, Goo Goo Dolls, Suicidal Tendencies, etc.) on their upcoming album. The album will be filled with powerful, emboldening alternative rock songs. Solacz will also incorporate some reggae influenced songs with messages similar to the ones of Bob Marley and The Wailers. With inspiration from modern rock bands like Incubus, Linkin Park, 311 and Spearhead, Solacz’s new music is sure to expand their fan base even more!

In their short existence SOLACZ has been working hard together to create and share their music with people from all around the world. Solacz has proven to be one of the most exhilarating, and most dynamic bands around, playing wherever and whenever they can. When SOLACZ plays, they gain fans at an amazing rate, creating a buzz around them that cannot be denied! Solacz has performed in Germany, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Bosnia for the United States Troops! If there's a stage, SOLACZ will be there!

SOLACZ brings the band motto wherever they go,

Diversity is the key to longevity.



Written By: Solacz

I’m jus somebody, searchin for somebody.
long time ago, I was sleeping in the sand,
I couldn’t look, was afraid I jus might lose my head
Now I can go, and I’m looking for somebody.
I had a love, but she gave her heart to another thug
Now I’m back to reclaim my form of a whole
And I’m searchin for a hottie
now I’m flyin, now I’m dyin, now I’m gone.
Tell me if your that somebody, tell me if your that someone.
I hit the phones, jus wanted to connect with baby back home
The horn rang 3 times and then, he picked up the phone
Now I’m got to hurt somebody.
I’m whole body cried, I kept tellin myself I jus wanna die
While I kept askin my girl, why’d you have to lie
While I loaded up my shottie.

Watch out
Tell me if your that somebody, tell me if your that someone.
(spoken) I’m jus somebody searchin for somebody.

Last Night in London

Written By: Solacz

it’s my last night in London baby keep me talking,
Cause there’s so many lovely’s that’ll keep me walking,
Keep having visions of the beep-beep knocking
Oh no didn’t mean, I gotta keep it solid.
No, cause I don’t wanna be alone,
It’s too early to be missing home
So Baby keep on breathing, are you there
And I’ll jus keep receiving
last night in London, baby I can feel your pain,
Last night in London, I promise I won’t do it again
Last night in London, I just need to feel you here
You here, you here, you here
I met this cutie and she kept me dancing
German decent could not believe her essence
Kept asking questions like when can we get coiled
No, I didn’t mean that gotta keep it loyal.
No cause I don’t wanna be alone
I’ve already started missing home
So baby keep on moving, shuna augen
I’ll let the music help me loose it.

I’m hearing every word that you say, promise I’m gonna take it away
I jus need to feel you here, you here
I want me and you, what you wanna do tonight
I want me and you what you wanna do tonight
It’s my last time, my last time
It’s my last night, my last night.
My last time, my last night.

Watchin U

Written By: Solacz

I’m fallin in love with a girl, but she’s the wrong one
And I’ve jus seen the, the one I want
I’m walkin up to the door, lookin past her.
I’m lying here next to the phone, so I pick it up
And make my phone call, to the one I want
But the wrong one takes the line, it’s the one I love
I know I can’t cross this line, no touchin, kissin or huggin but i
I hope she’ll be ok with time.
cause I’m sittin here with the girl, but I’m watchin you
You, you you
I’m on the other side of the world, and I’m watchin you.
I feel and anxious sensation, whenever
Whenever your around.
When I’m sleepin with the girl, it’s always you I’m thinkin bout.

I know I can’t go on like this
I feel this love I can’t dismiss
So what do I do, cause I’m watchin you


2007: Solacz: Volume 1 (available on iTunes now)
2009: Solacz single "Screaming Under Water" off upcoming 2nd album coming soon!!

Set List

A typical Solacz set list varies depending on the gig, but it usually incorporates about 6-7 originals and 3-4 covers. But depending on the length of the show and the gig Solacz can also do add more originals and covers if needed. The originals Solacz includes are:
Standing on This Earth, Last December, Last Night in London, Sumbody, Stoopid, NonStop, Last December, Motiv8, and Watching U.
Solacz likes to play covers from bands they are deeply influenced by such as Bob Marley, Incubus, 311, Sublime, The Police, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, The Roots, etc.