Sol & Kiel

Sol & Kiel


Sol & Kiel’s music is a highly crafted space in which song, instrumental composition, and improvisation coexist. The ensemble performs on acoustic instruments from all over the world, synthesizing diverse textures with delicate chamber-like conversation within various western folk traditions.

Band Press

Founding Father of World Music Genre Reviews Sol & Kiel – Randy Armstrong

"Kiel deliver mesmerizing heartfelt music with uplifting free-spirited improv, haunting melodies and hypnotic rhythms guaranteed to take the listener on a joyful sonic journey." - Randy Armstrong, co-founder of Do'a World Music Ensemble & Unu Mondo

Sol & Kiel - Live on Out of the Woods Radio – John 'Chip' Colcord

"On a variety of typical and not-so-typical instruments, Sol & Kiel create a soundscape happily existing between the realms of both world and folk music. Imaginative songwriting and tight harmonies draw listeners into a space entirely original." - Jon 'Chip' Colcord, host of Out of the Woods Radio