Sola Plexus

Sola Plexus

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Sola Plexus is an awesome mixture of electronic riddims and freshest rapshit. On stage it is entertainment at its best, with 2 keyboard player , a drummer and bass player and 1 hypeman, who give you the rest...


Your first full-automatic-feel-good-assprobe! It will take you and your disabled ideas onto da journey your mommies never dared to tell your dad about. Yell Goodbye to your lousy mediocre life! Finally time has come to grab some chicky bones to kill your ugly average bitch or your very own homeless buggin wanker. If you feel like doing your neighborhood a favour, don't forget to drown your filthy seed at your local water place. Don't be shy, ask the stupid people next door for a little help. After the work is done, enjoy your cheap cans of beer and relax by stickin your new advanced SolaPlex-ting up your buttocks! Welcome to a better world through da mind exploring Sola Plexus.


SOLA PLEXUS - PAN LP - July 2007 (Z-Music/ZYX)

Set List

1. Intro
2. Dub Mosh Fear
3. Doitsche & Gabbana
4. Inner Africa
5. Gonzo
6. Asthmatrix
7. Open Water
8. Kyoto
9. Jobin Hood
10. Nexalite MC
11. Me Nah Ready