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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Review of Solarcult's debut EP"

"After listening to Solarcult's self titled debut EP you can't help but be inspired. It couples together captivating lyrics with great musicianship. The first song "You Can Fly" has a very uplifting feel to it. When listening to it you can't help but smile and you'll notice yourself singing along to the catchy chorus. "Paradise" is more a story of a relationship. This relatively fast paced song seems to accentuate the hardships of realtionships , while "Shining Star" is a little slower and focuses more on self-realization. The track "Running Far" is a great arrangement adding a great end to the EP which will leave you in anticipation for the full length CD. To find out more be sure and visit their website - Bonfire TV

"Review of Solarcult's debut EP "C Lady""

"I was very surprised to hear such great songwriting and song development. Solarcult's radio ready sampler was very well received out here in the Midwest. Plus, I love that the song titles run together like a poem. The CD's still in my CD player. Rating: Solarcult - @@@@@ - Genxeffect

"Review of our debut EP from Cassandra Ewing"

"I just put in Solarcult's demo disc. This is the fourth time I've listened to it. I am still surprised at how drawn in I am by the first song "You Can Fly." It inspires hope and forgiveness using classic technique. If a shoe like greatness fits, wear it.

The first verse of "Paradise" interests me. Many times I have found myself thinking this in past relationships about the guy I am trying to be sexy for. Now, I have a tangible, musical, well-worded response.

They shake up the fast-paced monotony with "Shining Star." Reaching the pinnacle of life through self-realization provides a great topic for future radio play. "Running Far" sounds like it should make a girl feel special, but it really makes her feel pushed away. This is the kind of behavior that makes girls ask the question that inspired "Paradise." - E-Insider

"Review of our debut EP - Glenn"

"Please keep in mind that I am an attorney and not a music producer or engineer, nor do I claim to have an ear for hits.

Wolff asked me to give my impressions of the four song demo. First, the good stuff: The songs all appear to be radio friendly and the songwriting is strong. The vocals are good and easily heard through the music and are distinctive enough to give the band a musical personality. Track No 4 "Running Far" was my personal favorite simply because it had the best arrangement. I also like track 1 "You Can Fly" because it is "Kick-ass Rock." I would think that if you did get signed to a major label, they would shove you down everyone's collective throat by playing this stuff 50x a day.

Recommendations: work more on developing a distinctive musical personality; try playing your songs at a higher tempo; strip them down with less orchestration; make them danceable.

If none of this works, we can try plan B [don't ask]." - Glenn C. Romano. P.C.

"Review of "You Can Fly"

"very nice job. This is a great song. Very tightly structured, memorable chorus melody, good vocal hook and song title, cool guitar riff (1e+a +a3e 4e+a) driving the song.

I found this song to be well structured. very little fat on this song. Right from the first note, the form is very tight.

Very nice job and best of luck with your career." - listener ID # 167 of TAXI


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Have you ever been going about your day just minding your own business when out of nowhere... you have a song stuck in your head?

There’s a good chance this phenomenon has happened to you after listening to a "SOLARCULT" song for the first time.

Solarcult’s extremely listener-friendly music is what really sets this band apart from many other bands. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from or what your favorite type of music is. Once you hear a Solarcult song, you like it.

With nothing more than determination and excellent songwriting, Solarcult has won the hearts and minds of fans all across Baltimore, Virginia, D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware, NYC and beyond.

The friendly "party" atmosphere of their shows and the incredibly infectious songwriting are what keep bringing the masses back for more. Within a 3 month period Solarcult sold out of all 1,000 copies of their freshman effort, four song, self titled EP. They plan on repeating their success through the release of their first ever full-length CD due out at the end of 2005.