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"Solare-The Story of the Moon"

I have to confess that Solare's greatness kind of snuck up on me, and I feel like a loser for failing to recognize their potential earlier. The band has not been in existence for that long, yet their musical vocabulary is already incredibly refined. I almost feel that should their sonic palette become any more expansive, it will literally be too enormous to be processed by anything as laughably inadequate as the human ear. Solare's accessibility will, I'm sure, cause them to be plagued with mind-numbingly obvious Smashing Pumpkins comparisons for the foreseeable future. is it even worth mentioning that guitarist/singer Josh Johnson toured with Auf De Maur? Or that their bass player is a girl? Screw that. The vocal hooks are insanely catchy. Christine Bruton's bass lines are just busy enough to keep things moving along, yet tasteful enough to steer clear of dreaded prog territory. Similarly, mind-bending drum patterns somehow translate into face-melting rock, rather than bringing up terrifying flashbacks to college-era Medeski Martin & Wood shows. "Winners" is glorious in its thick, grinding sludginess; the glacial, twinkling synth line in "The Story Of The Moon" literally gave me goosebumps, while "Every Day" is pure uncensored spleen-venting at its best. Sounding stalker-ish enough for you already? But never mind that. I dare you to go ahead and make that pathetically uninspired Smashing Pumpkins comparison after seeing them. These guys are about to start making serious inroads into the L.A. music scene. - The LA Record

"10 bands you should know"

Solare is a Los Angeles based trio who thrive on creating giant hook filled rock music that is layered with sonic and atmospheric textures. The subject matter of Solare's music primarily includes scientific phenomena and things one might learn about on the Discovery Channel, displaying that much thought goes into everything they write. Currently the band is relatively unknown, even in their locale, but with a shimmering new EP , The Story Of The Moon, and a rampant desire to tour, their should be no holding them back.


"Solare-"The Story of the Moon" album review"

Solare’s new EP, The Story of the Moon, is only five songs long, but they’ve got you hooked. You want more. You say to yourself, “Hmm, I wonder what this three-piece could accomplish given more songs to show off?”

They’re comparable to The Flaming Lips, but really they go one step further—they’re a more approachable Flaming Lips. Instead of thirty-minute tracks that are finished with a gong, Solare reminds you of the Lips, but in a miniature way. Which isn’t to say they sound small; they certainly make a lot of sound for just three people, but they’re very neat and tidy with that sound.

The Story of the Moon starts out with an instrumental track. You start to think of Smashing Pumpkins—lead singer Joshua Johnson has been a guitarist for former Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf der Maur, so there is a connection—and, again, The Flaming Lips, but in the time it took me to write that sentence, the song is over. So now you’re on to the title track, on which Johnson sounds so young, and even reminiscent of those bands that are all over MTV—except Solare are good. Before I go further, let me say that the band has a female bassist and, yes, she’s hot. I guess there’s some sort of law. Also, the whole band has the same shoulder-length haircut.

On to track three, “Every Day,” which could almost be mistaken for a Weezer song, and then the great, paranoid-sounding “Your Backyard at Night,” which is like a modern-day cowboy song, full of mystic voices and falsettos. But then it’s over, and you find yourself scrambling to find a piece of paper to write down their name to share with your friends while you start the EP all over again.

by Amber Henson - The Red Alert


The dreamy, atmospheric pop stylings of Los Angeles based band Solare are begging to be heard. I've mentioned before that my summer listening consists mostly of alt-country, roots rock, or music of a more organic nature. While Solare isn't exactly a slice of Americana, their experimentation is certainly a welcome little distraction. I should've picked up on them sooner. Head on over to the band's myspace page to pick up their EP The Story Of The Moon. - Come Pick Me up


LA-based trio known as Solare features Joshua Johnson on guitar and vocals whose recent claim to fame was touring with Auf Der Maur. The subject matter of their songs is tre nerdyI bet these guys got the HD package with their cable company for the express purpose of watching the Discovery Channel in High Definition. Their songs are catchy with shoegazing guitar laid out neatly and folded amid hypnotic rhythms. Good stuff. - - SMOTHER.NET

"Solare-"The Story of the Moon" album review"

For starters, listening to the space-rockish "Story of the Moon" with Joshua's soothing vocals, it almost feels spiritual with a slight hint of The Flaming Lips. I'm not sure if it's the Melissa Auf De Maur reference, "Winners" made me think of The Smashing Pumpkins, and inevitably, the Mellon Collie era. The upbeat, indie-poppy "Fight" sounds like my kind of music - catchy bass hooks, toe-tapping intro, a rockin' chorus and synth effects done so tastefully. "Spiral Out" is a feel-good track with steady basslines, strong rhythmic guitars and just hearing Joshua sing his heart out makes you want to pump your fist in the air. I certainly look forward to a full length album from the band, judging by their versatility and style. - INDIEPENDANT MUSIC


"Ice Planet" from Winter Is On My Head (Christmas Benefit CD DEC 2009)
Theology (FABTONE 2008)
"Daylight" from The Nurse Who Loved Me (POPUP 2008)
The Story of the Moon EP ( 2006)



Solare is currently in the process of completing its first American full-length record entitled, Fireworks over a Funeral. Recorded in Dave Grohl's Studio 606 with engineer John Lousteau (Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains), the record features the mixing talents of Alan Moulder (Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, My Bloody Valentine) and Brian Scheuble (Rachael Yamagata,Tom Petty, Dave Matthews band).

The Los Angeles-based, alternative rock trio materialized out of the partnership between Joshua Johnson and Christine Bruton. The band began in earnest after Johnson returned from an intense world tour as a member of Auf der Maur (Capitol Records solo project for the former Smashing Pumpkins, Hole bassist Melissa Auf der Maur.)

Both Bruton and Johnson write songs relating to nature and science, often referring to the sun. The name Solare encapsulates this preoccupation using the Italian word for solar and referencing the nation that spawned some of history's earliest astronomers. The music reflects the epic spirit of these themes with swirling, shoegaze guitar/synth tones along with heavily layered melodies and a thick rhythm section. As active players in the art-infused Silverlake scene, the addition of renowned drummer Tim Dow (Shiner, On, Year of the Rabbit) allows the band to stand out as unabashedly "rockist" in a predominately indie/folk environment.

The group's first release, The Story of the Moon EP (2006), spawned considerable notoriety within the Southern California music scene, with tracks featured on national radio giant KROQ, as well as the influential alternative station Indie 103.1. With a feverish concert schedule, Solare has performed at some of the area's top venues including: the Troubadour, Key Club, the Viper Room, Spaceland and the House of Blues. The band has toured regionally, playing with notable acts such as Grandaddy, The Living Things, Aqualung, IO Echo and The Life and Times.

After garnering a sizable online following, the group caught the attention of Tokyo-based label Fabtone records. The label subsequently released Solare's first full-length record Theology in Japan in 2008. That year, the band was also asked to contribute the track "Daylight" to the Failure tribute record The Nurse Who Loved Me (released via Pop-Up records.)

Sebastian Robertson