We have a uniquely heavy and melodic sound that was really shaped by early 90's rock. There is also a lot of mood to our music. The lyrical content and themes deal a great deal with nature. But, most importantly, the songs and lyrics really come from the heart.


Solare (So.l.ray) n. 1. Los Angeles-based alternative rock trio. 2. Joshua Johnson (guitar, vocals) Tony Anthos (drums) and Christine Bruton (bass.) Adj. Melodic, hook-filled rock with atmospheric textures and a lot of heart. [Syn. Flaming Lips, Failure and Built to Spill.] Johnson (who recently completed touring as the guitarist, keyboard player and background vocalist for former Hole and Smashing Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur) supplies dynamic vocals. The subject matter of Solare's music primarily includes scientific phenomena and things one might learn about on the Discovery Channel.


The Story of the Moon EP

Set List

We are a 3-piece that uses quite a bit of gear. We can play anywhere from 30-60 mins. There are a few different covers we do.