Solare Sons

Solare Sons


Solare Sons is a young, rhythmic, energetic Latin band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With their invigorating music, they emit stimulating sound waves that overtake your body, possessing even the most self conscious to break out into raging dance.


Solare Sons was grown out the disturbed mind of bandleader Dan Farrar. Prior to Solare Sons, Dan was the drummer for the rock band, “Moonlight Ransom” and was an active musician in several other projects. After Moonlight Ransom disbanded, Dan started to lose interest in rock music and started to feel an emptiness in his soul. Around that time, Dan Farrar went on a vacation trip to Cuba and discovered the energetic rhythms and brassy vocals he heard there. He had found his music. No longer forced to listen and play to the heavily accented backbeat of rock, he found refuge in the solace of the clavé. He decided to educate himself on this intricate music as much as possible, as to recreate it in his own. When he returned from Cuba, Dan Farrar brought back more than just souvenirs, he brought back an idea, a goal: to inspire others as he was inspired, musicians and non musicians alike; to increase the popularity of Latin music; to make a change in the world of music.
Solares Sons is currently working its way back to Cuba to study Cuban music further and to record their first EP.

Set List

Set lists are made to suit the setting in which they will be performed.
So for instance, if the setting was a coffee house, lounge or restaurant, the setlist would consist of quiet bossa novas, romantic boleros, and sultry latin jazz standards.
On the otherhand, if the setting was a large club or venue, the set would be made up of fast paced rumbas and sons. Usually the setlist for those would include a few covers and traditional latin pieces.