Brampton, England, GBR

Folktronica duo Solarference create sublime mysterious music, singing traditional songs with ground-breaking live sampling techniques. With voices and laptops, they weave a unique sonic landscape of atmosphere and melody. Nothing is pre-recorded, the music born purely of the moment and the place.


Solarference (Nick Janaway and Sarah Owen) perform a captivating genre-defying mix of folk song and live electronics.

Taking English and Welsh folk songs as a starting point, the duo uses their home-made audio software to transform live sounds - of voices, instruments, and sound objects - into organic soundscapes for the songs to inhabit. Nothing is pre-recorded: the transformation is on-going and entirely live.

The show is a thrilling, theatrical exploration of musical possibilities in the digital age, yet rooted in local tradition: D-I-Y experimentalism combines with sonic mastery, whilst resonating a deep empathy for the commonalities of human experience.


"Lips of Clay"
- 2012 Album (self-released)

"Stranger at the Gate"
- 2011 EP (self-released)

Set List

Cold Blows the Wind
Gallant Ship + Little Blue Flame (medley)
Lonely Willow Tree
Lucy Wan
O Wake O Wake
Tarry Trousers
Willow Tree
Milder and Mulder
Higher Germanie