Solarium is a blues, funk, and classic rock inspired jam band that play anything from reggae to bluegrass to funk but with a jam rock twist to it all. We are unique in the intricacy of the music as well as the variety of styles we can play and yet still have a unified sound.


Solarium is a Denver based band less than a year old that formed when Dan, the singer, returned to Denver after a year and joined with his brother Sam's jam group, who needed a singer and lyricist. Since then, Solarium has been writing and playing some small gigs here and there. We try to take the ideals of artists like Yes, Jimi Hendrix, State Radio, The Who, The Decemberists, and others all over the spectrum, and run them through our filter. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can take ideas from classic rock, modern rock, reggae and others, and combine them with our own unique style to create a whole new musical experience. You could technically call us a jam band because we can lengthen our originals and covers to 5 or 10 minutes longer than their studio or original counterparts. One of the things we believe separates us from other bands is how different our sound is in todays musical society. Our music brings back not only classic rock ideas, but sometimes even classical techniques while still being accesible to modern listeners. What it boils down to is that we all love nothing more than just to play music.


We recorded a four song demo with Scott Herrema, and independent studio owner, and it can be streamed on our myspace, It is a rough mix, but we are hoping to get into a larger studio soon to record and master our first full length LP.

Set List

We usually play a viriety of our original material (Sing Once Sing Twice and Queen Jealousy are a couple of our fans' favorites) with a few covers sprinkled in from artists like Tom Petty, State Radio, and The Decemberists. During a set, we can fill anywhere from half an hour to two hours, whatever the promoter needs.