Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus


Blues, Rock, Psychedelic


solar plexus started out with zac rowe and steven brandimarte, then we added brandon mullins to drums and the core of the group was formed. a couple months ago we added BO on guitar which doubled our set list. Marty mullins, Brandon's dad, joined on percussion soon there after.


Solar Plexus

Set List

All Along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix
When Our Fathers Meet- Solar Plexus
Black Napkins- Frank Zappa
Babe Im Gonna Leave You- Led Zeppelin
Light My Fire- The Doors
Blues in G- Solar Plexus
Your Home Is Where Your Happy- Charles Manson
I Shot The Sheriff- Bob Marley
Love The One You Love- Solar Plexus
Hey Joe- Jimmy Hendrix

Love Me Hate Me- Solar Plexus
Death Dont Have No Mercy- Rev. Gary Davis
Santeria- Sublime
Medication- Solar Plexus
A Real Mother For Ya- Johnny "Guitar" Watson
You Turned Me On- Solar Plexus
Oh! Darling- The Beatles
I Me Mine- The Beatles
Roadhead- Solar Plexus
Cosmic Energy- Solar Plexus

Roadhouse Blues- The Doors
Gangster Of Love- Johnny "Guitar" Watson
Echoes- Pink Floyd
Across the Universe- The Beatles
Them Bones- Alice in Chains
Back Door Man- The Doors
Son Of A Six String- Solar Plexus
Into The Plex- Solar Plexus
Reba- Phish
Smoke Two Joints- Sublime

Pipeline- The Ventures
Bomb Track- Rage Against The Machine
Franklins To