Solar Shadows

Solar Shadows


What once was intended to be a solo noise project has become a dynamic, multi-tentacled live monster with the addition of friends/veterans of other bands. They are already slated to perform this fall's STLNoiseFest and the 35th Anniversary of WESN 88.1 in the spring.


When Karthik Kakarala's free-jazz noise keyboards separated entirely from the grindcore of Pizza Party At... (formerly called Onager, disbanded finally in Fall 2005), he sought to take his sound explorations further and into a more prominent space in live performances and recordings. While the intention was to make this a solitary effort, having unfairly come to associate dealings with band members in a harsh light, his reconnections with long-time friend Doug Raber and Stephen Holliger (who already had been starting to provide acoustic drum beats in jamming sessions) made the primary live line-up a full band, forever changing the sound and the level of real-time density.

Particularly with the addition of Doug (a.k.a. Alchemy for Bunnies), an inventiveness rejuvenated the band beyond simple different performance ideas. His experiments with constructing new electronic devices (like the light-manipulating optical regurgitron sampler, or the body-contact "interrocitor," sounding easily as unearthly as its "This Island Earth" inspirations) changed the framework of the band, allowing for the sound potential of the band to change with a little time and a soldering iron.

With Karthik's ideas, Doug's abilities to make them into reality, and Stephen tie-ing it all together in percussion, the additions of soundscape musician Jeff Curran and the feedback improvisations of Kristen Nicholls, the quietest changes or blistering walls of sound can be achieved, reminiscent of Wolf Eyes and Kites on one end, to Black Dice to the acoustic-sound experiments of Smegma on the other.


Main EP: "Solar Shadows: Live From the Pool Party House, April 2006"

Due out:
In late August: "Pizza Party for 1" (mixing)
In early September: "Boulders Planned for the Catapult"

Set List

The set of the April 2006 show:

What the Robbers Found in Freight Car #14
An Unscheduled Late Night Stop at Portland Station
Conversations Between Sunken Ships and Sea Creatures (#2)
Early Morning Attack on the Pier

Often, songs are created and mutated in the live setting, far from the original minimalist framework that Karthik starts with, becoming colored and deepened by the additional personalities contributing to the material.

This means that sometimes, songs will be tightened up and become shorter (though sets don't end up less than 10 minutes) or longer (no set has gone longer than 25 minutes due to intentional time constraints), to say nothing of the times in which the title has only been a starting point to creating a completely different piece.

Other originals include: "Your House Isn't All That's Being Powered," "Humanity Marches Onward," and "Just Because I Wave My Hand and Sound Occurs, Doesn't Mean I'm Playing a Theremin"

We have no covers