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"SolarSolar: "Walking Like Children" (Video) (Prefix Premiere)"

We've taken a keen interest in the music of Toronto dream-pop duo SolarSolar, who are gearing up to drop their full-length debut on Feb. 21. After premiering the chilled, mellow track back in December, we're excited to also share the visuals for "Walking Like Children." It's safe to say the band could have gone in a more typical direction with the video, if only because languid tunes usually result in equally laid-back visuals.

But for SolarSolar and director Robert Waldeck, they have put together something you would probably never expect. And I mean that in the absolute best way possible. Watch the mini-movie-esque music video for "Walking Like Children" below. - Prefix Mag

"Download: SolarSolar – “Albatross” (Wild Beasts Cover)"

Every once in a while, a cover comes along that will stop one dead in their tracks. Today, we get one such cover from SolarSolar.

They have recently taken their hand to an SSG Music favorite, “Albatross” by Wild Beasts. The original version, personified by their gorgeous music video, swirls with Hayden Thorpe’s vibrato, capturing the feeling of suppression and entrapment. SolarSolar did a fine job of retaining the song’s yearning quality while adding their own electronic, feminine twists.

Prepare to fall in love: (Download) - SSG Music

"SolarSolar – Walking Like Children"

Waterloo’s SolarSolar have a full-length album coming out early next year, and if this lovely sneak peak entitled Walking Like Children is any indication, it’s going to be very good. - Herohill


‘Walking Like Children’ is the first single from Canadian ElectroPop duo SolarSolar’s début album for Binary Entertainment.

If this track is any indication of what to expect on the full length record then we’re in for a dreamlike treat. ‘Walking Like Children’ seems to dwell at the point where the laid back retro beach party sounds of Dreamwave meet the deep moods and beats of Trip-Hop (and being a Dreamwave fan from Bristol, that kinda’ appeals to me!). With some interesting instrumentation and an attractive quirkiness to the music, SolarSolar new single is definitely one of the better chill out tracks to be released for a while. - Electronic Rumors

"Quick Hits: SolarSolar"

SolarSolar are a duo that tiptoe beautifully between ambient lights and smooth trip-hop darks. Dan Drysdale and Angela Drysdale are definitely onto something with their recently released Secrets and Orchids EP which the Road Goes Ever On has compared to Blue Hawaii (read our post about them here) and I wholeheartedly agree…though there’s a smoother and much different wavelength that SolarSolar bridge into. Check a few samples:

mp3: SolarSolar – Creature Makers

mp3: SolarSolar – Left To Right

Listen to and download the rest of the EP via Soundcloud or bandcamp. - Pasta Primavera


Oh, man, I’m in a swither. I can’t decide what I’m most excited about: a new track, from SolarSolar? Or the official announcement of an album release date? That would be the 21st of February next year, by the way – roughly two-and-a-half months later than I’d ideally prefer, but hey. It will be titled “Pilot”, released by Binary Records, and brilliant (that last part is conjecture, but I think more or less a safe bet).

The track, “Walking Like Children”, continues in the same vein as their work to date. The vocals receive a healthy dose of tweaking in places, continuing a theme started in their recent “I Can’t Find You”; the immersive quality of the backing tracks remains very high.

I have a list of maybe seven or eight albums that I routinely describe to people as “without a doubt the album I am most looking forward above any other in 2012? – it’s amazing how in the heat of the moment, I genuinely don’t seem to notice the contradiction. Let me say, SolarSolar are comfortably on that list. - Listen Before You Buy

"SolarSolar: "Walking Like Children" (Prefix Premiere)"

The Twitter-bio for the Toronto duo SolarSolar reads “snowy sunshine music.” It’s a pretty apt description – “Walking Like Children” the first single off their upcoming debut LP Pilot is experimental-electronic at its most delicate. Chilled, tinkering bells, dreamy washes of synth, and dampened bass-pulses, it’s all kept in time by Angela Drysdale’s piping, breathy vocal performance. It essentially shows off the band’s knack for not overdoing things, which can’t be taken for granted. Stream the track below, Pilot is coming on Binary Entertainment on Feb. 21. - Prefix Mag

"SolarSolar: "Albatross" (Wild Beasts Cover) (Prefix Premiere)"

We previously heard from Toronto's SolarSolar last month when they shared "Walk Like Children," a blend of dreamy and wintry vibes that served as a preview of their upcoming album. But before that record, Pilot, gets here on Feb. 21, the duo has decided to share their downtempo cover of a Wild Beasts tune.

SolarSolar's version of "Albatross" is what Wild Beasts' original could be if they had toned down the dramatics and added ethereal female vocals. That's not a knock on the original but merely a compliment to the fact that SolarSolar was able to remain both understated and refreshing in their approach. You can stream and download the cover below. - Prefix Mag

"Stream: SolarSolar, “Pilot”"

Toronto duo SolarSolar have shared the first track off their debut album, Pilot. Over tiny drums, strings and periodic guitar sounding like the world’s most passive cowboy standoff, the track (and much of the album) captures everything that’s sad about winter, how terrible it is on your cheeks just to walk to work. It’s dreampop where the dream is to spend the afternoon under the covers and hopefully with someone that likes you. Pilot comes out February 21st on Binary.

- The Fader


Secrets and Orchids EP
Albatross (Wild Beasts cover)
Pilot (To be released on Feb 21, 2012)



Formed in late 2009, SolarSolar is an electronic dream pop duo from Canada. The band consists of Dan Drysdale (synths, guitar, other noises) and Angela Drysdale (vocals and synths).

Influenced by 70's psychedelic rock, 80's new wave, and 90's trip hop, their music is both sparse and layered, creating a striking musical tapestry that is unlike any other. Listeners will find themselves drawn in by the moody dream pop tunes.

In October of 2010, they released their first EP, Secrets and Orchids. Having recently signed with Binary Records, they are preparing to release their debut full length album, Pilot, on February 21st, 2012 and have premiered their first two singles from the upcoming album on Prefix Magazine and The Fader.