We're a three piece band representing an alternative twist to the average three piece rock band by including surf song instrumentals to a repitoir of catchy three piece tunes.


Solarstares is a three piece alternative surf rock band from Phillip Island, Australia. The music reflects their lifestyles amongst the surf and people on the south east coast of Victoria. The music ranges from a mellow chilled out vibe heard in their song "Another World", a much rockier grungy feel with songs like "Flying" and "Think You're Right" and their ever so fun surf instrumentals named after local surf breaks- "Crazy Birds" and "Summerlands".


EP coming soon featuring songs:
Another World
Crazy Birds (surf instrumental)
Think You're Right
Inside My Head

Set List

Typical set list ranges from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. This includes a repitoir of 10-20 songs (including instrumentals) and a couple of covers.