Belair, South Australia, AUS

Solartricity is all about groove, making people want to dance and having FUN! Combining funk grooves, jazz harmony and pop melodies means that you're guaranteed to let your hair down and shake it on the dance floor!


Spearheading Australia’s funk-revival movement, Solartricity fuses soul and pop with the grooves of yesteryear. Fronted by Georgina Aue (vox/keys) and featuring the talents of Liam Garcia-Hardman (gtr/vox), Marty Holoubek (bass), Joel Prime (drums) and Tim Irrgang (perc), they are rapidly making a name for themselves in Adelaide’s ever-expanding music scene. Recently the band completed their debut EP at Reid Jones’ Deep Blue Studios and are currently preparing themselves for a year of recording and touring around Australia. They are already established regulars at some of Adelaide’s premier live music venues (Rocket Bar, Supermild, Crown & Scepter).


Rewind The Clock

Written By: Georgina Aue

Rewind The Clock

Verse 1
So he was my best friend
Been together through our ups and downs
Both independent but needed each other like the sky needs the clouds
One thing led to another
Isn’t that how the cliché goes?
The fighting, then the trouble
Can we rewind the clock a bit? Should’ve never got into this

So how do we go back to what we were?
This is no tale of boy meets girl
Tell me right now how the fairytale ends?
Cause how can two lovers become the best of friends?

Verse 2
It was too late
The damage had been done
We see each other on the street
We turn the other way, don’t quite know what to say
But it is a damn shame
We used to get along like a house in flames
But now everyday it rains
Forget about relationship, lets talk about friends



Rewind the clock (repeat)



Rewind The Clock - Debut EP

Set List

Rewind The Clock
New Love Song
No Going Back
Beautiful Girl
Forgot About Love
Lease On Life
I'm With You
We Can Change
1hr set