Solar Turtles of Death

Solar Turtles of Death


We are an acoustic duo that has been playing together for five years. Although we play with acoustic guitars we tend to rift into intense solos and we use great harmonies.


Forged deep within the mountains embrace, STD are salient beings built for one purpose and one purpose only... but that purpose has long been forgot, so instead they attempt to play music. They are auditory warriors with no real souls of their own, so they wander the earth luring in the feeble with their music, so they may feast upon the souls of the innocent.


Single: The Sun and I

Set List

Dreams Come to Me, Chiming In, London from Across the Sea, The Boring Love, The Sun and I, So Seductive, The Flower and the Bee, Commandeer the Insincere, Dancing in the Moonlight,Don’t You Know, Life Guard, I Love You and Budha Too. Our set runs about an hour and we do two covers, Dancing in the Moonlight by Thin Lizzy and I Love You and Budha Too by Mason Jennings.