"New Original Performer" BringsNewClassy "ROCKBLUESY" A StandUp"Performer! Refreshing Stlye! I INTRODUCE TO YOU! *MR. SOLBLUE*


SolBlue is a Solo Performer.
His Aggressive True To Life Experiences Conveyed
In His Lyrics, stage, are Relative!
Amongst The Greatest.
Fom The "First Day" He Heard,
I Like Bread & Butter - She Likes Toast & Jam"
The Rest Is Now... Rock Bluesy plus!
Classy Show, stye Perfomance.
The Members On This CD "NightLife"
Are YOUNG YRS of Learned Exressions.
OnThe Road Active Experience.


EndLess World

Written By: SolBlue/Ramon Rodriguez

Seasons Changing - The World is Turning. People looking Rearanging, Future being, Destiny Supreme - We'll be watching - You Will See - EndLess World. Cross the Country, Through the Ocean Breeze, reach the shore now, see the falling leaves, walk anew - different life to live - We'll be watching - you will see - EndLess World. As you Wonder! What Life Will Be! You've got to Turn To, Your Destiny, Face The Front Now! Don't Turn Your Backs - Cause - We'll Be Watching - You will see, EndLess World. Have You Wanted! To Ever Stay! Atop your troubles! Will go away! Let the Hands of, Time move you on, Cause - We'll be Watching - You will See - Endless World. There's A Place Now! For EveryOne, You and Me. Time has Passed Now, From where you've come, Clear is the future - For You at Last - We'll Be Watching You Will Seee - Endless World.


1. NightLife
2. You
3. EndlessWorld
(NightLife) was Put on Syr. N.Y.'s "Dave Frisina's"TK99.
Classic Rock Show. Week of Feb's 26/06.
Soundcheck Playlist!
Then (EndlessWorld) was put on March 26/06 Soundcheck Playlist!
The Longest - Running Local Music Show in Central New York. Radio played from Syr. N.Y.

Set List

1. NightLife (SolBlue)
2. You (SolBlue)
3. Endless World (SolBlue)
4. World Of Crescent (SolBlue)
5. Son Of A Gun (SolBlue)
6. Memories (SolBlue)
7. The Letter (Box Tops)
8. Runnaway (Dell Shannon).