Solcraft is a Bay Area Hard Rock and Funk band. Solcraft offers stellar guitar riffs, thought-provoking drums; that are hard to sweet. Solcraft’s bass player puts you in a feel good funk mood with a singer who soars. Solcraft is melodic Hard Rock, Scat, Rap and Emotion. Real and original.


In February, 2006, Drummer and founder Anthony Medina from San Leandro, California, resurrected Solcraft after a five-year hiatus, scouring the Bay Area for the type of open-minded musicians who would take the band back onstage and build a loyal following. His circuitous pilgrimage brought him back behind his kit with all the energy of hard rock, metal and pioneering bands like Bad Brains (hence the name Solcraft) behind his dramatic cadences. Singer Eric Randall grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Eric started to write music at the age of 13. Now residing in San Francisco, his jazz, blues and soul background bring vocal integrity to everything from a whisper to a primal belt. Bass player, Sundance Dawe from San Francisco, California, has completed several workshops a received Bass instruction at the Blue Bear School of Music. His ascending talent soars as this player welcomes you into the groove. Guitarist Sam Feliciano from Oakland, California, has performed with multiple bands in the Bay Area. Sam has experience has lead him to understand all styles of music. His stage presence is only to be compared to his playing; solely entertaining and Solcraft’s emblematic guitar player.

These elements combined have already begun to revitalize a hard rock band to make something beyond definition. With an arsenal of previous Solcraft and an expanding repertoire of new material yet to be recorded, Solcraft has its collective bloodshot eye on what rock should be doing, and putting some fight back in the junkyard dog of rock and roll.

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Hurry up and Wait

Written By: Eric Randall

Patiently you wait
Looking for a way out
Just trying to understand
What this struggle is about
A family over works just to keep each other fed
A roof to keep the rain out from falling on their head

Wait – Hurry up and Wait

Sam Cooke says a change is gonna come
And we all know where that brother is coming from
In hopes one day we will all have a job
In hopes one day we’ll figure this S**t/Jazz out

Wait – Hurry up and Wait

Wearing out my welcome
Not a phase how history has been cruel
Educate young minds
In need of freedom
Get back
Stay down
Can’t you see what we’ve been through

Wait – Hurry up and Wait


Written By: Anthony Medina

[verse 1]
my life
your love
blend into
celestial view

your hand
my fate
fools on first
for mother earth

evolutionary quantum leap
Tommy can u see me when i sleep
Tommy can u feel me when i need
Tommy can u heal me set me free

Tommy found the key to be free
from u the story
from u the story


[verse 2]
my will
your force
holds the dear
blue Venus near
your will
my choice
wave motion gun
interstellar sun

[repeat chorus]

(repeat Brige)

Tommy found the key to be free

From u the story (4x’s)

Twentieth Century Machine

Written By: Anthony Medina

[verse 1]
caught in a lie that has passed u by
lagging lack of hi tech cant identify
its a information highway of lies
wrong interface replacing human ties
its a virtual sensation for your stimuli


technology goes to fast for me
im all alone im out at sea
trapped in a world i never made
i feed the circuits i despise to pro- create


im a 20th century man not in the plan
a square peg in a hole is what i am
i prefer to get my stimulation first hand.



Solcraft - EP - 2008
1. Hi Evolutionary
2. Hurry Up and Wait
3. Twentieth Century Machine

Set List

Solcraft's set is in the length of about an hour. All original music includes:

Soul Station
Twentieth Century Machine
The Burning Sea
Let Me Know
Tossing Sleep – In Your Head
Hurry Up and Wait
Prison of Earth
In My Time of Living
I Live for…(Today)