Soldiers Of Scrape

Soldiers Of Scrape


We play metal that makes you want to move! Be it tapping your foot, Banging your Head, or all out mayhem! Fist bangers, slam dancers,and party animals!!! If they like heavy groove metal... They are destined to be soldiers in our army...


SOLDIERS OF SCRAPE are coming your way
Begining As Bowlscraper... a couple demo's and a couple Ep's led to “Red Hair Revolution" 2004 the band's first full length studio release which did very well throughout the world and received airplay on stations around the globe. You could see then that they were a hard working band determined to let their voice be heard...
This same drive to move forward led to the name change Soldiers Of Scrape worldwide had eagerly been awaiting the new CD, and they are getting more than they bargained for!
They officially changed the name of the band to *Soldiers of Scrape* taking the name of their already diehard fans
The S.O.S. continues on with their mission of metal madness...
With their ”Scrape the Nation” EP just released in December 2005 and a New Full Length “Shifting Gears” coming in 2006 Expect to hear some Metal from the Motor city!!!
The Fans of Soldiers Of Scrape have always been drawn to the band's motivation to constantly better their music, and deliver the goods live with intensity and power!!! Their ability to not be effected by trends and negative energy, have kept them going strong... The Band have always maintained a very close and die-hard fan base and continue to recruit members into the S.O.S
With songs dealing with real life issues that affect us all. Humanity, Drugs, Sex, Rights, Money, War, Terrorism......
The Soldiers Of Scrape move forward to spread the metal throughout the nation and beyond!!! The new CD will give you a glimpse of the future of the S.O.S. The band is geared up and ready to take it to the streets!!!
Soldiers Of Scrape = Pure Detroit Metal


Spread The Seed

Written By: Mick Stone

Child of night born into light
One of a kind different from all
Thirst for life all that remains
To procreate
and Spread the Seed!!!…

What does this mean to me?
And will I ever see?
What does this mean for you?
Start a revolution……. Yeah!

Hating the day we’ll find a new way
Progression comes natural to me
Out on the edge feeling the cold
I pray for my life now that’s over
Fall from the sky into the fire
For all my sins I will suffer
Repent for this before I die
Hoping that I’ll be forgiven….I’m hoping!

All that’s left to do Changing existence for
All that’s left to do Changing existence for You
Swallow your pride you cannot run and hide
Start a revolution yeah!

For all my sins I will suffer
Spread the Seed ……….
Changing existence for…..

Blinded (By Satan)

Written By: Mick Stone

Blinded\\By Satan\\C’mon
You’ll never make it, with no heart
Determination drives you far
I’m gonna take it, past the edge
When I’m falling, wings I spread

It’s coming down, from everywhere
You feel it inside of you
It’ll take you over in everyway
Then Satan will blind you

Blinded\\By Satan\\C’mon
You won’t stop me, drag you down
You can’t change me, stand my ground
I was blind but now I see
All these things he’s done for me, Yes he has

It’s coming down, from everywhere
You feel it inside of you
It’ll take you over in everyway
Then Satan will blind you

Your fuckin blind
Now feel it, Control

Blackened future, from a clouded past
Malformed from birth, raised in ignorance
Justice given, sight is coming back
Satan blinded me and now I’m back

You can see it\\feel it\\choke it
Find me\\when you\\wanna smoke it\\right now!!!

Now feel it, Control
You can't take this
You can’t take this feeling inside
You start to build up some rage
all right...
You can take this straight to the grave
All the things in life that you save
You can’t take them when you are gone
Satan will blind you and then steal your soul
Blinded by Satan
All Day Yeah!


"Stoned Demo" 2001
"Songs from the BFD" 2002
"Red Hair Revolution" 2004 (Stoned,Hollow bodies, and Higher all recieved airplay on radio staions in the USA and in Europe)
S.O.S. "Scrape the Nation"
- EP 2005
S.O.S."Shifting Gears" coming in 2006

Set List

we can play from 20 minute warm up sets to full on 90 minute headline set...mostly all originals they are known to throw in a Pantera, or Slayer song to show respect to their influences...
most of the time it is 30 to 40 minute set...