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Famous Reviews – Various Mainstream Prof.


Soldiers On A Mission-

“They’ve got the music, the moves, the message and they’re on a mission. Reaching out to this generation to share the gospel, and along the way finding fans from every generation. I feel honored to have had them be a part of Exalting Him! 2003 National Talent Search, and expect to see and hear great things from them in the future.”

Joanna Price>Exalting Him!>2003 National Talent Search>Event Coordinator

“The guys sounded great, their music is hot, and we loved them.”

Out of Eden>Gotee Recording Artists

“S.O.M. has an awesome ministry and they connect with the crowd.”

George Rowe>Rocket Town Records Recording Artist

“I’m excited about the people they are going to reach, people who may not hear the gospel in any other from or fashion will gravitate towards them. Their music is unlike any I have ever heard and you can understand all their lyrics.”

Deborah Evans Price>Editor of Christian Billboard Magazine

“When I saw these guys in concert I knew they were the real deal.”

John Mays> A&R Director Point of Grace, Nicole Nordeman, Cindy Morgan

“S.O.M. is the hottest, most entertaining, most influencing group to the youth of this generation. Once you see them and have them they will inspire young people to reach their destiny as well as open the eyes of adults to see that this generation can be all they can be.”

Melvin Adams>Former Globetrotter and Motivational Speaker

“They are the full package. Hip Hop has such a major presence in music today, I am just excited to see them expressing it well.”

Steve Crawford>Member of the award winning group Anointed

“The hottest thing that has ever happened to Gospel Rap.”

Raskull>Pioneer of Gospel Rap Music

Group Story – S.O.M.


It was the summer of 2000 when Soldiers On A Mission, S.O.M., hit the scene. The group consists of four blessed young artists, and even better friends originating out of Houston, Texas. S.O.M. was originally founded by Jeff Roman (Twin) and Raymond Steward (Goldenchild). It was only a few months later when the group became three, with the addition of Ryan Boyce (Boyce), and shortly after Jeff's twin brother, John Roman (Bolo), also joined the group.

Boyce: “I have been singing basically all my life, dating back to when I was three years old singing along to Michael Jackson. I want to be recognized as the first of our venue to go platinum, in our pursuit to take a true message of our Lord and Savior from nation to nation.”

Bolo: “My goal is to go nation to nation and set the next generation off on a whole new level, by letting them know that it is fun to be a Christian. I pray that people will look at our hearts instead of our outer appearance.”

Goldenchild: “I started rapping at the young age of 9, when I developed a passion for poetry. All you need is a dream and dedication in order for it to become a reality, as long as you keep God first…at all cost.”

Twin: “We can touch people all over the world, while at the same time attract a large fan base by selling platinum records for the positive message that we bring.”

Soldiers On A Mission placed Second at the Exalting Him 2003 National Talent Search that was aired on TBN. Also in 2003, S.O.M. was nominated for the Best Underground Record, Ride With Us or Get Left Behind, at the Holy Hip-Hop Achievement Awards. S.O.M. performed at over 100 concerts and have sold thousands of albums during the course of the year.

In January 2004, their single, Jehovah Jireh, was released nationally on the Exalting Him CD “The Finalist”. Also in 2004, they received Song of the Year for “Shine Yo Light” at the Holy Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards. They were also nominated for Album of the Year, Production of the Year, Group of the Year, Best Stage Performance, and Lyricist of the Year. They recently were recognized from ASCAP by receiving an 2004 ASCAPlus Award. They have just completed their second album, Tha Journey, which has been released and have begun working on their next album.

They have blessed a cross section of people across the United States by performing at many churches, venues, talent shows, prisons, and at the Harlem Globetrotters game. They have had the opportunity to be in the movie, PAIN, which was released in 2004. Their song, Pain will also be the title cut for the movie’s soundtrack.

“One of our goals is to go Nation to Nation taking with us the Word of God that breaks all yolks of bondage…a true message of our Lord and Savior.” The group's success can be credited to their dedication and their faith in GOD. As S.O.M. continues to gain support and recognition through their unique style of rap, they are reminded that it is not about them, but the One whom they serve.

Pastor Recommendation – Pst. Mike McKeller

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the Associate Pastor and Youth Pastor of Gulf Meadows Church with over 1000 in attendance. Our church loves Soldiers On a Mission.

Soldiers On a Mission are an outstanding group of boys who I have seen turn into an anointed group of men. I have had the honor of being their youth pastor for over 10 years. It is amazing to see what God has done with them and their ministry! They are faithful, caring, and devoted to what God is doing through their ministry.

Soldiers On a Mission has helped in many areas of our ministry. Their devotion and leadership skills have been a great help to us. These men have helped as youth leaders, which involves ministering and providing prayer and encouragement to the youth. I highly recommend them to minister at your event.

If you should have any question, please feel free to contact me at 713-991-5683.


Michael McKellar
Associate Pastor

Review of The Journey – Kobe w/

CD REVIEW: "The Journey," Soldiers on a Mission (S.O.M.) - Reviewed by Kobe (back to review list)
How many times have you heard Christian rap music that either comes across as lame by trying to copycat a secular rapper or thug mentality versus other music that is too preachy, condemning and "holier than thou?" Well folks, the answer to a healthy balance is finally here. S.O.M.'s (which stands for Soldiers On a Mission) "The Journey" album combines the no compromise standard of the gospel with the realness of the street life drama. While parts of the album are reminiscent to the street styles of DMX, 50 Cent, Bone Thugs, Ja Rule and Fat Joe, it's obvious that S.O.M. is not tryin' to bite and is doin' their thang for the Lord accompanied by their down south flava.

Consisted of S.O.M.'s group members Boyce, Goldenchild and the twins, Jon P and Twiny Twin, "The Journey" also features many guest appearances by Shei Atkins, G-boyz, Dre Murray, the Much Luvv Fam, and many more.

If I could describe the album in one word, it would be REAL. Coming from the street life myself before I was saved, I could definitely relate to a lot of the topics in the lyrics. Not just external conflicts that many other rappers talk about, like going to jail, sellin' dope and bein' a playa, but "The Journey" also takes you through the inner tension inside one's heart about the pain, drama, choices and wages of the street life. This is evident on songs like "I Spit," and "Pain." The other element that makes this album so real is S.O.M.'s constant references to their strong faith in God which has elevated them above all types of adversity. Everyone from the sinner to the saint can relate to and be encouraged by their message of perseverance and deliverance through trials. Songs like "The Journey," "Still Here," "Ride or Die" and "Guess Who's Back" are prime examples. The following lyrics from "Jump Back," a song about declaring war on the enemy, seem to sum it up. "We know how to roll up our sleeve/ No matter the adversity/ S.O.M. will achieve/ I don't care if you don't believe/ We countin' the blessings, I know we will receive."

The album also features two worshipful cuts that are spoken directly to our God in "Lost without you," and the all-out praise song "Jehovah Jireh." There is even a surprisingly smooth love ballad on the album, "True Love" which is sung by 1-der-us. Of course my other jam is "I'm a Soldier (Remix Volume 2)" which features a whole click of artists from Texas.

Lastly, I gots to give props to the excellent production on the album by Stikk and the Beat Brothaz, which really enhances the depth of feeling and realness throughout the album. For some reason, this album really reminds of the Preachaholicz release that came out last year. If you liked them, you will love S.O.M.'s new joint as well; definitely worth coppin'. God bless ya'll. (back to review list)

S.O.M./The Journey – Sketch the Journalist

S.O.M. / The Journey
By Sketch the Journalist - WTW Magazine - January 2005 Edition

There’s a lot to like about S.O.M. Aside from fiery group-chant anthems (there are plenty), joy can be found in the larger message this project conveys – hope.

Christian hip hop has been a little stale lately. Veteran crews and MCs seem to be on the decline, labels continue folding, and fans have to wonder if there will be anyone on the horizon to swing the pendulum in the other direction. Sure, we’ve seen a few nice rookies here and there – but do they have any staying power?
The four-man Down South crew known as S.O.M. (Soldiers On a Mission) is in this position. They arranged a decent effort with their low-budget Ride With Us or Get Left Behind and kindled a local buzz with energized stage shows and one of the hottest tracks on the Slow Lane Chronicles chopped and screwed compilation. They also gained some national recognition as a finalist on cable channel TBN’s “American Idol-like” talent search competition this summer. The obvious question then is whether or not they will be able to survive the second-year slump.

Almost all of The Journey’s up-tempo tracks are scorching. S.O.M. obtained hot productions from Stikk and the Beat Brothaz and this essentially let them create the album’s entire soundscape by trading off every other cut. They wisely found workhorses with strength, threw some money behind the boards, and let them run the race. It’s a winning formula that cleanly crosses the finish line in style.

The lyrical approach is a rowdy mix of radio/club chants, soulful hooks, and heartfelt thug poetry. Goldenchild seems to be the lead, Boyce mostly tackles the singing, and Jon and Twiny Twin fill in the gaps. It’s especially entertaining in person and holds up surprisingly well in the recording booth. They could stand to lay off the ad-libs that sounded better from their mainstream counterparts, but it’s a minor critique in light of greater good The Journey contributes.

It’s all a bit like computer animation enthusiasts had to feel after seeing “Shrek 2” in theaters this summer and recently setting a record for the top selling DVD. Disney/Pixar has had things on lock for years telling Toy Stories about Incredible Monsters Finding Nemo. Their only competition, Dreamworks, had a hit with a green ogre the first time around, but would they remain a player in the CGI game?

Thankfully, for fans of both art forms, sequels from the Screwston underdogs seem to answer unwaveringly in the affirmative.

Soldiers On a Mission – Gerard Bonner

Soldiers On A Mission
Ride Wit Us or Get Left Behind

Hailing from Houston is the young foursome known as Soldiers on a Mission (or S.O.M.) This crew, individually known as Twin (Jeff Roman), Golden Child (Raymond Steward), Ryan Boyce (Boyce) and Bolo (John Roman), comprise an energetic unit focused on defeating the enemy through the power of the Gospel via hip-hop.

On their debut release, Ride Wit Us or Get Left Behind, the independent group present 15 tracks of southern-flava'd rhymes that display their passion for God and dedication to winning this war for Christ.

“I’m a Soldier” is the leadoff cut and is the track that best describes their mission as purpose —driven soldiers ready to battle for Christ. “Shine Yo’ Light” admonishes believers to readily represent Christ in any setting. “I Can’t Wait” is a crunk-filled track that expresses S.O.M.’s excitement surrounding God’s promises for their lives.

While the album is heavily seasoned with that dirty south flava, S.O.M. switches up their style and throws well-placed diversity amongst their selections. “Done it Again” features the crew experimenting with some serious reggae flava, making it a bumpin’ track guaranteed to keep your head noddin’ and your jeep bumpin’.

On “For My Lord”, S.O.M. takes a page out of Righteous Riders’ book (see album review), experimenting with singing, instead of primarily rhyming. The group does an admirable job on vocals.

S.O.M. also reflects on America’s darkest day with “9/11”, which includes a sample of President Bush’s initial speech to the American public regarding the events of 9/11. This thought-provoking track is their account of the day’s events and its impact on their lives.

All in all, Ride Wit Us or Get Left Behind is a debut that shows the heart and supports their moniker. These emcees are indeed Soldiers On A Mission.

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Producers: Beat Brothaz
album release date: 2004

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner