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Burlington, Vermont, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Burlington, Vermont, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
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"Sole Oceanna cuts into the top 100"

Sole Oceanna proves it is possible to be a budding pop sensation teen disrupting the music realm. With a series of impressive covers, a lauded debut track ’Destiny,’ and sophomore track ’The Truth’ in 2021, Oceanna recently burst into the pop world with a top 100 single banger, ‘Not Feelin It.’
The fearless yet vulnerable artist’s debut ‘Not Feelin’ It’ showcases the variety of her writing styles, personality, voice, and feelings. ‘Not Feelin It’ is a solid pop-punk tune painting Sole Oceanna’s whole vibe and personality. Her vocal performance throughout is nothing short of 5 stars, with a youthful exuberance only a 15-year-old could achieve. Indeed, there are many moving parts to “Not Feelin’ It.”
Taking up an alt pop-punk sound, ‘Not Feelin’ It’ explains building personal boundaries on the grounds of prioritizing yourself. Sole advocates for staying strong when things fall apart and that giving no for an answer is absolutely okay.
Oceanna says, ‘I am here to help through my music to encourage and empower people to fully be themselves, to be in the moment of what they are feeling, to be in their power, and to operate on a high level of awareness for what is right in the world and what is wrong. Time is now to be a force, show up, and be present in this world.”
‘Not Feelin It’ was first heard over the radio on May 16, 2022. As of July 7, 2022, the debut is smashing at number 83 after debuting at number 153 the week before on the Mediabase Charts. Currently, it is trending at position 20 on the NRH-AC 40 Charts, number 5 on the STS Top 40 Indie Singles Chart, and number 53 in the Hot 100 Chart; a compilation of Top40, AC and Hot AC Charts. Oceanna says, ‘It’s exciting to see my song climb up the charts each week!’ - Kazi Magazine

"Sole Oceanna Flaunts Her Stuff With Her New Single, “Not Feelin’ It”"

Sole Oceanna, a punk-pop critically acclaimed artist, has us vibing with her latest single, "Not Feelin' It," co-written by Sebastian Garcia, aka Rufio Hooks.

Rufio saw a lot of potential in Sole’s project and helped her pen "Not Feelin' It" along with Sean Rogers from HeyWorld Productions, who also produced this track. Sean is known for his top-producing skills, and combining them has brought us a magnificent record. Sole Oceanna stands in her authority to say no and wants to inspire people to stand firm in their thoughts and decisions.

"Not Feelin' It" gives us that sassy, bad girl energy we adore. Sole Oceanna was assisted by Rufio and Sean, two of the most well-known people in their line of work. They articulated "Not Feelin' It" so well and courage people to stand up for themselves. The vocals remind us of an early Demi Lovato with that punk-pop style that takes us back to a time we surely miss.

As Sole presents "Not Feelin' It," she immediately mentions that she isn't in the mood for people's drama and her energy and vibe are everything. She notes how she won't allow herself to be ill-treated in lyrics like "Im not tryna burst your bubble" and "But your vibe, I'm just not feelin' it." She proves that with her vocals and an epic production team, you can create a record with vibes, truth, and most of all, engagement, which is precisely what we need.

As we continue, Sole says how men feel they can be in your space even though you don't want them to, and she tells us how she's not going to allow that, regardless of who they are. She then jokingly talks about his outfit, which gives us a little giggle, and as I know, we can all relate to that. She ends it with the most catchy chorus we've heard in a while and lyrics we can shout out loud! She is fast on her way to stardom, as "Not Feelin' It" already shows us that.

Let's vibe with Sole Oceanna and her new hit single "Not Fellin' It," available now on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sole. We are also so happy to have you join us today! We can't get enough of "Not Feelin' It" tell us what was the inspiration behind this song, and how did the 3 of you link up when creating the record?

I feel like girls needed a song to hype them up and help them feel their power. The song is all about being able to say, “No!”. It’s ok to say no! Just do your thing! Sometimes you’re not feelin’ it! When people hear this song, I want them to feel confident and on top of the world. You can do anything :D. The artists that helped inspire this song are Cardi B, Doja Cat, and Lizzo. We linked up through my management team, Circle 11 Entertainment. Sean Rogers from Heyworld Productions is an amazing producer, so he started making the beat, and Rufio and I started writing. I started with the phrase, “Excuse me? mommy? sorry,” (this was a trend that teens were saying to tell you that you’re really fine). And right when I came up with that, we knew it could be something! It all came from there. It was truly a blast.

Being an artist and performer, what would you say was one of the most challenging moments in your career, and how did you deal with it?

Going to the studio in Nashville. I was 14, and we needed to have five finished songs in only seven days! So it was a lot of pressure. I was so tired by the end because I had worked my butt off. I barely knew the songs. I was reading them off of my phone, so I was kind of guessing every note, and I still had to bring my best vocals and energy to it. In one day, we had to make a cool beat, create the melody, write all the lyrics, and record demos. Then I had to go home and learn that song one night, wake up and go back to the studio the next morning and sing the main vocals to the song we had written the day before. Each day was the same for all five songs. Then the last day, I had to sing all of the background vocals, the harmonies, and stuff to make it fancy. Towards the end, we were trying one part over and over and over again and couldn’t get it right. I was so tired. My producer was like, “That’s enough. We’re not doing this anymore. We’re scraping this song.” I would have never been able to live with the fact that I couldn’t do it and that I only made 4 of the five songs, so… My dad would take me outside and he would tell me to run as fast as I could around the lawn to wake up, and let loose again, and to scream to get the hype so that I could bring myself back to be strong and present to finish the recording. I’m proud that I pushed myself to have all five songs! It was so complex and tiring, but I also loved it. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

"Not Feelin' It" gives us endless vibes and bad girl energy. What was it like in the studio when recording the song? Could you explain the feelings felt?

The energy was very high. It was Sean, Mom, Dad, and myself, and they were all excited for me. I’m used to writing and singing ballads, so this was a turn for me. It took me a little bit to get into it, but really once it clicked, It was easy for me to do it. I’ve always been super sassy. My dad would call me fiery and feisty, so that shows in the song. All my songs tap into the deep emotions in me, like whatever the vibe is of a song I put out, it’s not only a vibe, but it's one of my emotions and feelings. During the recording process, I felt hyped, sassy, happy, a little nervous, and confident, so it was a lot of mixed emotions. At times I couldn’t get the right attitude I needed for “Not Feelin’ it.” My dad would tell me to pretend I was mad at him. He would say, “Swear at me and get it all out” (that was the only time my dad would let me swear at him. I took that opportunity and ran with it… hahaha.) And we would listen to Cardi B to get the vibe. After that, I would go back into the studio booth with that hype and yell at the mic while I was singing the words. At that point, I would just kill it cause the energy was so high.

What did you want your current fans or new fans to take away from this record, and why?

I want them to feel like the Goddess they are! I want the song to bring out your inner badass….to feel powerful, cause you are! It’s important to feel in your power. That’s a really big thing for me. Don't let people control you. It’s your life, and you have the right to control how it goes. #yourbodyyourchoice

What's next for you?

I want to put out my full EP. I have four more songs to release. Once it takes off, I really wanna go on my first tour! I would do some local shows, then go to Boston, then NYC, than LA! So kinda work my way up. I want to go back into the studio again to make some more songs. My whole life, I've wanted to be a “rockstar!” - Buzz Music

"Rising Pop Star on our Radar"

Sole Oceanna’s undying passion for music and dedication to her craft sets her at the cutting edge of the pop stars to watch out for. Writing has always been an outlet for her, ‘I find peace in it,’ she says as she elaborates on the significance of writing as her preferred way of communicating.

With a rebellious nature that magnetizes her audience, Sole Oceanna’s sound outstandingly blends pop and rock in a very magnificent way. ‘Not Feelin It’ starts with a mid-tempo as it gradually slows down. With a blending twist, the lilting music builds up to a pleasant melodic piano section before bursting into its next gear- an upbeat pop-punk.

Undoubtedly, Sole Oceanna’s sassy and catchy bombastic melody is powerful and resonates with different music lovers. Even the mere pop-punk fans find a myriad of things to enjoy, from the melody to the tune, beat, and message of ‘Not Feelin It.’

Sole Oceanna’s debut speaks for itself, but the production of this song had a significant impact on how the song is now embraced. This debut is crafty and agile yet accessible and comprehensive, projecting the future of pop. The sound mixing is unmatched; even the renowned punk austerity is soothed to create a smooth, enjoyable melody. What makes this debut outstanding is the subtle layering of sounds that adds richness to ‘Not Feelin It.’

As a young lady, Oceanna understands emotions, pain, and how to overcome large obstacles in depth. This is evident in her stellar delivery; without that, the song wouldn’t be half as good as it is. The pop sensation Sole Oceanna gives her all, and her love for performing shines through in everything that crosses her path.

The new banger by Sole Oceanna is projected to create something of an uproar upon encountering the audience it’s capable of. Additionally, with the remarkable productions, Oceanna’s tracks will effortlessly land a welcome home in any pop playlist. She sings with plenty of swagger and charisma, and it won’t be surprising to watch Sole Oceanna blossom into a household name in no time. - The Hype Magazine

"Song Review - 'Not Feelin' It.'"

Sole Oceanna has released the single “Not Feelin’ It.” out on all streaming platforms, by Circle 11 Entertainment. It is perfect for listeners who are looking for a song that walks the fine line between punk and pop, as well as those who are looking for a relatable song.

“Not Feelin’ It.” starts with bass guitar before listeners will hear Sole Oceanna let out a small laugh. This indicates the song will be good-natured, fun, and upbeat. Indeed, “Not Feelin’ It.” ends up being all three of these. Sure, Sole Oceanna is either going through a breakup or having to tell someone that she doesn’t like them, but she sings it in a confident way that tells listeners she is proud to be independent. The first lyrics in the song are “I’m not really in the mood/I’m not even into you,” which illustrate the overall theme of the song. “Not Feelin’ It.” is a song certainly worthy of repeat listens.

However, it is the chorus that truly soars and allows “Not Feelin’ It.” to be the great song that it is. The chorus is lyrically packed yet also memorable. Lines include but are not limited to “I’m not trying to ask for trouble/But you’re too God damn innocent,” meaning Sole Oceanna wants to be in a situation where there is some edginess without the burden of trouble. The verse “I’m sorry that I can’t fake it,” indicates Sole Oceanna also feels a bit of sorrow but knows it is for the best she moves on from a relationship where she is obviously not happy. Finally, the lines that give the song its title: “I’m not trying to burst your bubble/But your vibe/I’m just not feelin’ it.” These lines indicate Sole Oceanna is not intending to break someone’s heart but also knows she has to move on for her own sake, and it’s okay to say no.

Sole Oceanna shows off her true vocal range in this chorus, and the song’s overall production blends her vocals in well with the instrumentation. This instrumentation includes the aforementioned bass guitar as well as keys, drums, and electric guitar. All of them combine to complement her vocals perfectly, and it could not be imaginable to have this song be as good as it is without any one layer. - The Hype Magazine

"Sole Oceanna steps out with an infectious track, ‘Not Feelin’ It.’"

Talented recording artist Sole Oceanna presents a vibrant new soundscape, ‘Not Feelin’ It.’ for listeners to revel in. The 15-year-old singer-songwriter has once again amazed her followers with her incredible vocal performance and storytelling ability. The track starts with an uplifting beat that swiftly catches up with her mind-blowing verses. She has a robust voice that is perfect for her pop-punk-infused performance. Capturing the authentic insight from Sole, ‘Not Feelin’ It.’ entices from start to end. Penned by the artist herself and Sebastian Garcia, aka Rufio Hooks (K-Pop band BTS), ‘Not Feelin’ It.’ is currently smashing at #8 on the New Music Weekly Top 40 Indie Music charts, #30 on the NRH-AC Top 40 chart, and #53 on The Hot 100 Pop Charts – indeed an outstanding production.

Sole Oceanna has been involved with music since she was only 2 and began performing at local venues at 8 with her Ukulele. She was also opening for well-known musicians like Oumou Sagare and Barrington Levy at the local music festival, Manifestivus. After her debut track, ‘Destiny,’ and sophomore song, ‘The Truth’ in 2021, Sole Oceanna is only getting better and better. Set to establish herself as a solo icon in the world of Pop, it is safe to say that she is here to stay.

‘Not Feelin’ It.’ is now available for streaming. Make sure to follow Sole Oceanna for more details.

Listen to this track on Spotify click on the below link:

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"Sole Oceana Releases New Single"

Ask most artists and songwriters if they know if one of their compositions is a hit upon completion, and you almost always get an emphatic “no.” You just have to believe that Sole Oceanna and Rufio Hooks of BTS fame knew they had something special with the former’s newest release, “Not Feelin’ It.” It’s a sassy, catchy, and bombastic tune that tends to resonate with listeners immediately. It’s the type of piece that has the potential to transcend its target demographic and appeal to all ages. Yes, “Not Feelin’ It.” is that rare song that introduces the world to a brand new star.

At the tender age of 5, yes, 5, Sole began writing her own songs. Her family recalls first observing her affinity for music at the age of 2. She began performing at the age of 8, accompanied by her trusty Ukulele onstage. Not much time has passed since this, as remarkably, Sole is only 15 as of this writing. She’s the type of sensation that you may consider a once-in-a-lifetime prospect, but wisely, her focus remains on writing great music.

With a rhythm section bounce, “Not Feelin’ It.” starts off sounding a bit like another Northeast act, Brand New, and their song, “Sic Transit Gloria.” Sole sets the tone by speaking over the music with a dry attitude, establishing the scene for the fireworks to come. And then, almost inconceivably, the teen drops an f-bomb to really kick the song into its next gear. You can only say that this moment will be a source of consternation, but believe it or not, there are more to come.

In all fairness, there’s no reason to get caught up on subjective matters such as the choice of lyrics. The arrangement for “Not Feelin’ It.” is so crafty and agile, yet accessible and comprehensive, that it in some ways previews the future of Pop. It takes elements of Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, and several other modern artists to arrive at something that is prototypical. Sole even manages to name-drop Cardi B in what is likely to be a divisive moment as well. Her vocal performance throughout is nothing short of 5 stars, with a youthful exuberance only a 15-year-old could achieve. There are so many moving parts to “Not Feelin’ It.”

What’s even more impressive is how seamlessly these parts blend into one another. This is the type of song that all artists, regardless of genre, wish they could write. The energy is high from the first note, and Sole delivers the track with a discernible swagger that is rather contagious. When all is said and done, it may be the controversy of this work that does more to set it apart than impede it. After all, it’s virtually impossible not to feel it. - The Indie Source


The new single by Sole Oceanna is likely to create something of an uproar if it reaches the audience it’s capable of. “Not Feelin’ It.” is a great title and, honestly, a great pop song. The content and the age of Sole are bound to be a polarizing topic though. At 15, Sole is something of a child prodigy. Hailing from Vermont, Sole has been wowing others with her musical and singing skills since she was in intermediate school. “Not Feelin’ It.” isn’t her first foray into the studio, as she has been building an impressive body of work for some time now.

Sole Oceanna is the real deal, which is both a sensational fact and a bit of a conundrum. Her performance on “Not Feelin’ It.” should and possibly will make her an overnight sensation. The song itself, from a compositional and production standpoint, is on par with “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. In all honesty, “Not Feelin’ It.” actually holds more thrilling moments than Ms. Clarkson’s debut single. It’s the type of Pop Song that we all want to hear but can’t identify until it’s presented to us. To Sole’s credit, she completely leans into the character in the song, as any great Pop Star does.

“Not Feelin’ It.” is one of those titles that immediately resonates with you because it’s instantly applicable. Sole has gone on record as saying the song is essentially about empowerment and not allowing oneself to settle. What can’t be denied is the sheer quality of this track and how Sole is making records at 15 that are on par with anyone named Swift or Grande. Her future is unquestionably bright.

What Sole has accomplished here and the debate that she may spark is potentially massive. “Not Feelin’ It.” can inspire serious discussions about art and censorship that have quite honestly never been fully sanctified. Most importantly, this is an outstanding track from an immensely talented artist. It blends a multitude of styles, makes all the right references, and will immediately make you want to hear it again. Unlike Sole, audiences will definitely be “Feelin’ it” when it comes to her new single. - The Hollywood Digest

"Sole Oceanna Releases New Single 'Not Feelin' It' A pop-punk number that's all about her and how she feels."

Being a young, emerging singer in the year 2022 can be difficult, though Sole Oceanna makes it work. At 15, the singer has been putting in a ton of work since her debut last year to make a name for herself, and it shows. Last year, she put out two singles amidst an ocean of quality cover songs, and now she's back once more with "Not Feelin' It.," a pop-punk number that's all about her and how she feels.

The general premise of "Not Feelin' It." is mainly all about Oceanna putting herself above a certain standard, saying no to people who she feels don't reach up to it. It's mainly quite tongue in cheek and not anything too serious. More importantly, it makes for a fairly upbeat and cool song with plenty of fun references and lines strewn everywhere.

When it comes to the writing, "Not Feelin' It." is mostly fun and goofy. It's not taking itself too seriously, and many lines reflect this. Oceanna's delivery also matches the more ironic tone perfectly and makes for a song that's simply delightful to just jam to. It's lighthearted enough to laugh along with, though the performance itself is genuinely good.

Oceanna puts her all into the delivery, with plenty of swagger and charisma. It's part of what truly sells the more fun aspect of the song, and without that, it wouldn't be half as good as it is. It fits in well with melodies here, which are also surprisingly varied and make for a good time.

While the song starts fairly mid-tempo, it soon slows down. It eventually builds up to a nice soft piano section before bursting into an energetic, upbeat climax. With Oceanna's energy behind the mic, it makes for some great pop-punk. The way the song ramps up is pleasant, and even people who aren't big fans of pop-punk will find a lot to like here.

The production is also fantastic on the tune. Sound mixing is stellar with no muddiness anywhere, and even the typical punk harshness is softened a bit to make for a more pleasant listening experience. Layers of sound are placed on each other in a subtle, adding a richness to the song that makes it unique.

Overall, "Not Feelin' It." is a solid pop-punk tune that serves as an establishing tune for Sole Oceanna and her overall vibe. It's obvious that this is a personality piece meant to sell you on the idea of Oceanna's character, and she executes it brilliantly. Musically it's great, and the artist performs her part with confidence and charisma. We can't wait to see what she comes up with next! - Broadway World

"Sole Oceanna Asks The Question, “Was It Me?”"

With the powerful instrumentals of punk, emotional lyrics, and a sweet voice, Sole Oceanna laments a failed romance in “Was It Me?”

It was clear since Sole Oceanna was a child that music was meant to be her northern star. Now she is 15 years old, and her talent blossoms like the most magnificent flower in the garden as she explores human emotions through songwriting. While listening to her relatable lyrics, her music is as intense as the feelings it produces.

“Was it Me?” has an ambiance of constant thinking with gloomy guitar chords, like placing the question repeatedly. It expresses the uncertainty produced by a failed love and the disappointment of having given it to someone that eventually hurt you. When there is no going back in a broken relationship, you expect both persons to ask, “Was it Me?”

Hitting the play button on “Was It Me?,” you will hear an enchanting guitar accompanied by fast-paced hi-hats that welcome the melodic voice of Sole Oceanna. As she sings, the vocal effects give energy to her words and catch the listener's attention. The song's chorus takes the hype to its peak and explodes in charge of euphoria, so prepare your throat to sing along.

It is incredible how “Was It Me?” takes the essential vibes of punk and adds digital elements to make it a richer experience and maximize the transmission of emotions. Defensively Sole Oceanna takes out the pain and anger but also demonstrates you can overcome hard times.

If you have been there, in the pain of lost love, “Was It Me?” can be cathartic, and you should listen to it. Love can be chaotic, but in music, you find peace.

Keep an eye out for our exclusive interview with Sole Oceanna coming soon. - Buzz Music


Not Feelin' It - 2022, Was It Me? - 2022, Sleepwalking- 2023



Sole Oceanna is a lover of music first. At 8 years old she found a presence on stage that has only blossomed into the eccentric and exciting entertainer she is today. She is graceful, but with a rebellious nature that magnetizes an audience. Now,  at only 15 years old, Sole has been writing her own songs and musical compositions with some of the  biggest pop writers currently in the industry. Writing has always been an outlet for her. “I find peace in it” she says, when she describes what the writing process means to her. As a young lady, she understands emotion, pain and overcoming large obstacles. She has created a relatable point of view, with consciousness, clever songwriting and instrumentation. She hopes that her music will bring similar feelings to her listeners. Her love of performing shines through in everything she does and those around her describe her as fearless and vulnerable. Her upcoming EP showcases the variety of her writing style, voice and who she is right now, and that is nothing else but Sole Oceanna.

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