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Solemn Fist has nothing to do with fisting! Solemn Fist isn’t the latest Salute of a new secret society, Solemn Fist isn’t the latest Flock of Seagulls cover band. What Solemn Fist is really about, is; four extremely talented guys from Richmond BC that ooze wicked chops, originality and creativity. Dave Gens, Mike Agranovich, John Sponarski and Kyle Newman, make up Solemn Fist. They formed in high school. Since their beginning, they have been energetically performing throughout British Columbia in all-ages venues as well as clubs. Their musical chemistry successfully merged the genres of rock, punk, reggae, jazz and even country into one diverse set-list. Audiences of all ages have been deliriously gibbering about their out of the ordinary arrangements, strong songwriting and mind-blowing guitar solos, as well as their commanding presence on the stage.
Solemn Fist was able to attract Brian Goble, (Wimpy Roy) formerly of the Subhumans and DOA, to manage and produce Solemn Fist. His contribution to the band put an emphasis on well-crafted melodies and harmonies. His enthusiasm for working with the band has resulted in this powerful sounding demo release, entitled “Balls to the Walls”. The last track titled “Pyramid of Tears” featuring Goble on vocals, originally written by Alejandro Escovedo, was chosen for the Escovedo 101 compilation with bands such as Ray Condo, Bughouse 5 and the New Modernettes.
Solemn Fist’s goals for the immediate future include recording a full length album, producing a video, and continuing to perform regularly until they reach the far corners of the Earth to expand their fan base.

“Sheer, unbridled, youthful energy coupled with sharp songwriting” - Joey Shithead (DOA)

“Savage musicianship – legit musical chops and punk rock ferocity.” - John Armstrong (Vancouver Sun Music Critic)

“Ah such young fresh innocents I urge everyone to help push Solemn Fist down the path to debauchery and delinquency that has molded us into the fine outstanding individuals we’ve become” - Billy Hopless Black Halos

management at 604-732-3430
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Balls to the walls- 4 song Ep
1. Balls To The Walls
2. PC Like A Computer
3. Fickle Friut
4. Pyramid of Tears

Set List

1. Final Examination, 2. Fickle Fruit, 3. Balls to the Walls, 4. Freedom Fighting, 5. A Last Defense,
6. My Time Today, 7. Night of the Rising Sun,
8. PC like a Computer, 9. Verse 2
Cover: Screeching Weasel - Cool Kids