Sole Transit

Sole Transit

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


Sole Transit is the teen rock/jazz/funk experience of Ann Arbor, MI. Headed by the ripping trumpet licks of Leif Gearhart Hall, the wailing sax of Kyle Morrison, the roaring guitar from Jordan Siden, the grooving basslines from Dan Sagher and the thunder and lightning from drummer Erez Levin, Sole Transit is no ordinary rock five-piece. Incorporating elements of funk, blues, New Orleans brass bands and rock and roll, Sole Transit is an eclectic collage of musical styles. After playing at the Ann Arbor Power Center twice, performing live on WCBN radio station, opening for the popular Ann Arbor based band the MacPodz at the Blind Pig and playing steady gigs at the Neutral Zone B-Side for two years, Sole Transit is no newcomer to the block. Treat yourself to some great music, and keep your ears open for upcoming gigs.

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