Fayetteville, Georgia, USA

If you are a lover of soulful R&B, jazz style music, Solex has just completed his second CD entitled "Love Language" which is a collection of thoughtful and mature love songs.


In one word Solomon’s music can be described as CAUS ~ “Classified As Universal Sound.“ Solomon’s music resonates cross-culturally and has no boundaries. The language of his music is universal. However, he makes no boasts for His musical talent. A native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Solomon grew up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and was exposed to the ministry of music early in his childhood. He was the oldest of three siblings and began playing the bass guitar at age 15 with his family’s gospel quartet, The Edmond Family. It was his passion for playing the keyboard which would ultimately lead him to a career as a minister of music. Solo, as he is passionately known, has also produced and written music for several artists such as Ametria, FAVA, Williams Chapel Mass Choir, EnTouch, among others. Solomon was also gifted to draw and design.

In 1977, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Atlanta College of Arts to pursue a degree in graphic design. As a result of his passion for the arts and his desire to make his dream of owning his own graphic design business a realty, Solex Enterprises was birthed in 2003. In April, 2007, Solomon made his debut to the music industry with his release of Together Again, a soulful compilation of jazz, rooted in gospel with a mild mix of Latin and R&B beats. The CD is a tribute to his first cousin, Jonathan Dubose. They grew up together in Bridgeport. Solomon would go to the basement in Jonathan’s house and play bass while Jonathan played lead. After many years of separation, the two have come Together Again on this project. Jonathan is one of the baddest guitarist in the land.

My influences are Earth, Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye, George Duke, Wayman Tisdale, Joe Sample, Musick, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammonds, Israel & New Breed, America, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Ole Skool, and Soft Rock.



Written By: Solomon Edmond

Music & Lyrics by Solomon Edmond

Don’t wanna forget - The way that I felt
The first time we met - My aim is to love
And have no regret - I choose you
I don’t wanna forget - I don’t wanna

Don’t wanna forget - The way that I melt
The first time we met - My aim is to love you
And have no regret - I choose you
I don’t wanna forget - I don’t wanna

Fast pace, rat race
No time, no space

Much work, much fuss
Now we don’t make the time for us

Please help me remember why we fell in love
Forget about all the problems we’ve been thinking of
Cuz I don’t wanna

I don’t wanna
Take for granted the love we share
I don’t wanna
Don’t wanna take for granted the way you care
I don’t wanna
Don’t want to tear down what we’ve made
The things we’ve made
Because neglectfulness made it fade

And it’s so easy to put off
the things we know we should discuss
But I’m not going to let it go
It’s time to remember us

Recall the days, recall the ways
Keep in our minds those lovely things
You put my mind in a haze
Remember all the joy it brings

Recall the look, recall the gaze
All the things that we’ve been through
I want to remember that always
I can’t forget you, I don’t wanna

Don’t wanna forget - A love so true
Don’t wanna forget - Keep it new
Don’t wanna forget - I choose you
Don’t wanna forget - I don’t wanna

Do Me A Favor

Written By: Solomon Edmond

Music & Lyrics by Solomon Edmond

Do me a favor - do me a favor
Do me a favor - can do me a favor
Do me a favor - do me a favor
I’m asking you do me a favor - oh

You are my neighbor
I knew sooner or later
to you I would cater
can you do me a favor

Don’t want to incumber
labor or lumber
But can I have your number
would you do me that favor

See…what the future can be
with you beside me
can you do me that favor

Will…you give me a chance
to show you romance
can you do me that favor

Been so long since I’ve cared
been so long since I’ve shared
Can I take you somewhere
do me a favor

Can I be so bold
to discover your soul
I don’t to control
want it to be a favor

Favor to last a lifetime
through the day and the nighttime
I think that now’s the right time
to ask for that favor

I want to live
I want to give
I want to love you always

More Than U Know

Written By: Solomon Edmond

More Than U Know

Do you recall the dozen roses
The florist brought to you that day
It was hard for me to focus
Trying to think of what to say

All the women in your office
wanted you to give them a name
You couldn’t satisfy their questions
You didn’t know from where they came

How do I tell you
I want to be with you
I’m so embarrassed to show

Right from the start
You have taken my heart
Loving you more than you know

You know
More than you know 2X

Can you see by all the things I do
All I want is to be with you
Can you see by all the things I say
There’s something more I want to convey

Don’t know how to express my passion
So I’ll just say it in this song
Open your heart and be receptive
Please don’t make me wait too long

Think About It

Written By: Solomon Edmond

Music & Lyrics by Solomon Edmond

Hey baby
can I have a minute of your time
There’s something I want to share with you
really been heavy on my mind

I was coming home from work today
when I saw an accident on the way
Saw a man struggling with his sanity
cause he had just lost his family

As I rode on
As I rode on pass that scene
started thinking about what I had
and just how much you really mean to me

I just to take this time
to tell you how I love you
Don’t know what I’d do without you
So I don’t think about it

It’s times like these
that cause me to understand
that you’re the kind of woman
that was meant for this kind of man

And I’ll never be too proud
to show you that I love you
that I want you, that I need you
Stay with me baby

Don’t know what I’d do without you
So I don’t think about it
I don’t think about it
I don’t think about it
Don’t know what I’d do without you
So I don’t think about it
I don’t think about it
I don’t think about it

I finally realize
that money ain’t the prize
material gain ain’t the thang
fame & fortune ain’t the gain

Only true relationships
are the things that are going to last forever
And when you find that someone
who will be with you forever
you’d better never let it die

U Move Me

Written By: Solomon Edmond

Music & Lyrics by Solomon Edmond

Say dat, say dat baby

U move me,U move me
U move me Baby
Something bout the way
the way you do the way you do

And I so vividly remember
the first time that i saw you
You had a radiant glow
Like an angel of virtue

And I knew from that day
had to find a way
to get you into my life
to make you my wife...cause

U move me
in a way that no one else can do
U move me
Now I think that I’m in love with you
U move me Babe
And I hope that you feel the same way too
Something bout the way
the way you do the way you do

You’re so beautiful to me
More than mere eyes can see
I’m enamored by your soul
and your sweetness makes me lose control

Please tell me what I must do
to finally get into you
Tell me what else to say
so that I can finally convey

Tell me what’s on your mind
cause to me your so fine
Want to know what you know
can we make this a go

Want a chance just to love you
tell you what I think of you
you are so special to me
and I want you to know that

Nothin Like the Rain

Written By: Solomon Edmond

Nothin’ like the Rain
Music & Lyrics by Solomon Edmond

Nothin like the rain fallin’ down
on my window pane

Hear the rain fallin’ on my window pane
Makes me happy and refreshed again

Straight from heaven like a message from on high
So compelling, makes my spirit want to fly

Whether in the morning, whether in the evening, whether in the midnight Ooh
Rain is so refreshing to my soul again

Rhythm of water, dear sons and daughters
Hear the rhythm of the rain

It takes me away to another time and place
Where my mind can be free

Something bout a rainy night
Makes me want to sing, sing, sing

All the days of my life
Want to be grateful for the little things

I must confess I am so blessed to be here
Here where life is living, here where peace is abounds

Nothin like the rain fallin’ down 7X
Nothin like the rain fallin’ down
on my window pane


Written By: Solomon Edmond


Been in love before - never needed more
Gave it all I had - til I hit the door
I tried to please - every want and need
Gave up right for wrong to satisfy her greed

Man, it’s tough to hear you really ain’t enough
I got hip when she put me out with my stuff
What a bitter cup - felt like giving up
But I opened up again - that’s when love walked back in

I’ve waited so long to
Be in love again, but I always knew
You would come

Back2me, back2me
All the love I gave - coming back2me
I was feeling bound - now I‘m feeling free
Love made it back

Back2me, back2me
All the love I gave - coming back2me
I’m a product of - reciprocity
Love made it back

It is true you reap - reap just what you sow
Couldn’t carry on - til I let it go
Had to understand - it’s all in the plan
Every kind of woman ain’t for every kind of man

Now I clearly see - what is right for me
For the sake of love I threw away my destiny
And to those of you - who for love still grieve
Touch your heart and say - Yes, I will believe

I Luv U

Written By: Solomon Edmond

Music & Lyrics by Solomon Edmond

The more that I think I know
The more I know I need to grow
And the more that I think I have
I don’t know

This life is such a mystery
Sometimes it’s hard for me to see
That the things that I really need
are right in front of me

So I acquiesce
on the things I have to guess
So I give in
to the unction to grow

And I must confess
I am truly blessed
cause there’s one thing
that I do know

I luv U
That’s one thing I understand
I luv U
And I want to be your man
I luv U
And I’m going to do everything I can
Because the more that I am with you I luv U

Every now and then I try
to understand the reasons why
The dreams that I had prepared eventually die

And if I could do it all again
The changes I would make within
And things that I would do
to find you

Don’t know how the flowers grow
Don’t know how to make it snow
Don’t how the sun lights up the sky

Don’t know what tomorrow brings
don’t know too many things
But there’s one thing
I am sure that I know

I luv U
This I know
I luv U
And it grows
I luv U
You’re my world
I luv U
Be my girl
The more that I am with U I luv U


Written By: Solomon Edmond


I was made 2 luv
You were made 2 luv
We were made 2 luv
Luv away all the hate

May not have a diamond ring
or any of those material things
Never got your BA degree
Still studying for your GED

Whether I’m rich, whether you’re poor
If I have less, if you have more
The beauty of life we all should adore
After all, what are we living for?

No one is a sequestered mold
We are all a part of the whole
Explore the reasons you are here

I may come with some emotional pain
Some relationships I just cannot explain
Please don’t you gaze at me with disdain
If you are free then loosen my chain

There’s some bad in the best of us
There’s some good in the worst of us
It behooves the rest of us
To show love to the guest of us

My life is worthy of love
and your life is a gift from above
Let His love lead the way to say

Learn to love yourself
before anyone else
Love can only be true
If you learn to love you


Written By: Solomon Edmond


Why do we proclaim
that we know it all
Why do we profess
that we never fall

Sometimes I say things
I don’t really mean
Sometimes I get dirty
When I should be clean

Triumphs and frustrations
Have caused me to know
Through my situations
I know where to go

No matter where I go
No matter what I do
I just can’t survive
Living without You
You were oh so cool
Cause You always knew
I just can’t survive
Living without You

I’m so tired of playing
Like I’m superman
I can’t make this happen
Without Your helping hand

Yea, now I surrender
I’m giving you my all
You can take my playbook
Yahweh make the call

You are in my system
Like blood is in my veins
How I need your presence
Spirit please remain

Thank You for Your lovin”
Thank You for Your grace
Thank You for the courage
To stay in the race

Want Your lovin'
Need Your too
Want your lovin'
I love you

Set List

1. Distant Thoughts 4:33
2. Destiny 4:35
3. Together Again 4:25 feat. Jonathan DuBose Jr.
4. Behold 4:09
5. Sunshine 4:17
6. If U Don’t Come 4:09
7. Hold Fast 4:35
8. Midnite Kinda Mood 4:25
9. One More Day 3:41
10. Winddown 5:24
11. Grateful 3:56
12. Never Alone 4:26
13. Spend Some Tyme 4:24 feat. Jonathan DuBose Jr.
14. Windsong 3:27
15. Heaven Knows 2:58 feat. Miriam Bowman
16. Some Kinda Love 4:36
17. I Mean It 3:56