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Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver, Colorado, United States
Band Blues Soul


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"Soul Food"

If you’re looking for a good time this weekend, head on down to the Snake, where Sol-Fed-Joe offers up tasty platters reminiscent of Otis Redding, Fats Domino and other R&B greats. In a two-night stand, Joe will have the Snake rockin’ High Country style and keep listeners on their dancin’ feet the whole evening long.

A combined 50 years of musical know-how floods the stage with a trip down memory lane, not in a stale cover-band kind of way, but a revitalized romp through the roots of rock and roll. Joe’s shows are known for the non-stop parade of tunes that keep audiences in a sweaty mass on the dance floor. From soul-drenched covers like Otis Redding’s “Mr. Pitiful,” Earl Hooker’s “Blues in D Natural” and Kim Wilson’s “Walkin’ To My Baby” to their fine selection of originals, the entire evening pays homage to the legends of rock and roll. I guess you could call their sound contagiously classic, party blues-rock.

Anchoring the quintet is Troy Fox. A tremendous vocalist and hell of a harmonica player, he blows the soul-drenched melodies that carry the songs to the next level. After years as a sideman, he’s shared the stage with countless heavy hitters including his recent stint sitting in with Texas great Hamilton Loomis. After years of playing second fiddle (or harmonica, as the case may be) Fox decided to take the reins and lead this bunch of rowdy rockers to new heights. Citing influences like Sonny Terry and Junior Wells, Fox conjures up Texas juke joints past and leads his band through many a beer-soaked evening.

Fox’s partner in guitar and background vocalist is Chicago native Edwin Jeffreys. Citing classic influences like Link Wray and the Ventures, his surf style of playing intensifies the pace of play and ups the evening’s musical ante. Backing the dynamic guitar duo, is Mike “Mac” Murray on bass, another long- time player in the Denver scene, he’s known for his “in the pocket” style of play. Keeping the steady soulful groove in line on the low end, his rhythmic style is complimented by drummer/percussionist, Paul Christophersen. Christophersen is the down-home, pounding rhythm that roots the band. He can lay it all down from the coolest syncopated rhumbas to hard-driving rock to West Coast surf and all points between. A dedicated instrumentalist for over 20 years, he has the chops to anchor the furious five.

With the platform laid down now, you get the subtle textures added by Jack Dupp on keys. His unique style of playing keeps listeners on their toes by throwing in all sorts of snippets from a Styx classic to a polka. You never know what flavor Dupp will add to the mix.

If you’re up for a night of good-old rock and roll, Joe delivers with a big dose of heart. Feed your musical need Friday and Saturday night at the Snake River Saloon in Keystone when Sol-Fed-Joe delivers a house-rockin’ good time. Doors open early for the Snake’s tasty fare and the show gets under way at 10 p.m.
- Summit Daily News

"SOL~FED~JOE, Live, 2000"

I had the opportunity to play with Paul Christophersen, Sol~Fed~Joe's drummer, recently. He relayed the story of the recording of this project to me. How it was in celebration of a friendly competition between a local soccer team and a team from South America at the city park of one of Denver's suburbs (at least I think that's what he said - we were in a bar). Anyway, there was some discussion between the two soccer teams concerning the validity of some of the calls made by the American referee's (the local team won the contest) and after some heated debate, the foreigh team stormed the stage for some spirited butt-shaking! I guess they figured, it's just a game, let's dance!

The sound that day was provided by the Northend Sound Company (fortunately enough they were recording that afternoon, resulting in this CD). A basic combo of drums, bass guitar, harmonica and lead/rhythm guitar, these guys deliver a solid set of electric party-blues. This is a fair sampling of what you'll hear when you visit them at their next gig. Troy Fox is handling the harmonica and vocal chores, getting just the right classic distortion for his Chicago harp. The guitar is aptly handled by Edwin Jeffreys with special guest Hubert "Blues" Lawhorn sitting in (Hubert also handled the production of this CD). The rhythm section consists of the aforementioned Mr. Christophersen on the drums joined by Barclay Logan on the bass (and vocals).

Again, the choice of material is classic party-blues tunes by folks such as Willie Dixon, "Magic" Sam Maghett, Earl Hooker, Otis Redding (not "Dock of the Bay" either, but "Mr. Pitiful," not covered as often as it deserves), and Roscoe Gordon. Rocking out on songs like Earl Hooker's "Blues in D Natural" and Kim Wilson's "Walkin' To My Baby" it's no wonder a bunch of high schoolers from another country couldn't help but dance! I'm sure they probably didn't understand the lyrics, but the beat is get-out-yer-chair-and-shake-it contagious.

A solid set by a solid local band, check the listings in the Holler calendar and catch these guys live. Check them out on the WEB at I'm sure you could pick up a copy of this lively CD at one of their gigs.

John Toebbe - Colorado Blues Society Holler


SOL~FED~JOE Live 2000
Belly Full O' Soul - 2008




“…Get Out Yer Seat and Shake It Contagious…” …is what the Colorado Blues Society said about the band’s first release, SOL~FED~JOE Live, in 2000.

Since that time, the band has performed hundreds of shows across the state of Colorado and in cities across the Midwest. Playing countless smoky nightclubs virtually non-stop for years, these guys really have “paid their dues” – to use a common cliché.

Whether it’s an intimate venue or a large festival, SOL~FED~JOE has kept audiences sweating on dance floors and begging for more at each performance. They’ve been known to extend a typical three set show several hours – with a band record of over 7 hours on stage! Mixing originals ranging from sultry, jazzy blues to rockabilly to soulful funk and r&b, and only the hippest, coolest non-cliché covers, they’ve developed a unique style that Denver fans have termed the Sol Fed sound.

Formed by Edwin Jeffreys and Troy Fox in Autumn 1999, over the years many of Denver ’s finest musicians have been part of SOL~FED~JOE. Appearing as either a trim, four piece combo or a full band incorporating multiple vocalists, horns and keys, the band has built a strong reputation across Colorado for their passionate, high energy, soulful performances.

After a two year hiatus from performing, Troy and Edwin began to reform SOL~FED~JOE in early 2008. With renewed vigor and an exhaustive search, they rebuilt the entire band with a select group of seasoned musicians. Then, with a red hot band in place, they added a new dimension to the Sol Fed sound with the addition of the dynamic vocalist, Catherine Allen. Professionally trained, Catherine boasts a tremendously powerful, soulful voice reminiscent of the great soul and r&b singers of the 60’s.

Not simply a collection of standout performers, each player’s talents and style fits hand in glove with the rest, resulting in a tight, cohesive, synergistic sound that both shakes your booty and heals your soul. With over 125 combined years of professional performing experience, the new SOL~FED~JOE is poised to quickly regain and surpass their long held reputation as one of Colorado’s most exciting and unique high energy rhythm & blues groups.

So, let your heart sing, let your feet dance, let your hair down and dig the SOL~FED~JOE sound.