Solia Tera

Solia Tera

 Lakeland, Florida, USA

lots of Hands clapping, and many voices shouting.


"Solia Tera Is an American indie-experimental-pop band based in Lakeland Florida. It is the brainchild of songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Christoper Noyes, who began recording songs for the project in 2009. His songwriting is noted for the use of many unorthodox instruments (including scissors, kitchen utensils, paper ripping, and a speak and spell.) while still implementing several traditional voices i.e. guitar, piano, orchestral bells, and various brass and wind instruments. The EP "Diamonds, Dirt, Iron Pyrite, and a Pearl of great prize" was entirely self-produced in Noyes' house and was released winter of 2010. The second EP "Grammatology" is to be released in 2011."


Xylem and Phloem

Written By: chris noyes

i found myself in this body
a brook that broke from a river
as the bright sun bellowed
" wake up its morning!"

now a sand bar between two lanes
one being a want
and the other the understanding that
no land could be enough

its tactile
and it demands i agree that its real though i am still not convinced!
and it feels, oh it feels

but it does not fill

from here i cant see
the tops of the trees
i lay with the shrub and the flea
that is where You happened to be

scrape the me out of me like pumpkin seeds
carve these hollows dry
then We'll have room to live together and food for all our Friends
and, when the ant and the worm come, we'll smile and invite them in!

we'll plant our plans in the ground and announce to our eyes that,
"for now we will cling to a mustard seed kingdom
where those who cant speak say more than those who can
and the deaf sing lyrics about the paintings of the blind!"

on the Philosophy of Science and vise versa

Written By: chris noyes

i see the eyes,
but i classify them non-the-less as soul.
And the skin,
its just the you my friend that i should also know.
i am aware the matter dances as if puppet by a string.
But whats a song if not the spirit the second that it sings?

its a dim reflection at best
on a cast iron mirror.
its a dim reflection.
But that Light is still so bright.

i see communication as a cloud that carries rain from one body of water to another.
Its never the fullness of the ocean as a whole, but if you care enough, you will know it is there.

i have been climbing, (i thought)
at least it felt as though steps were beneath my feet...
But i feel the wind, lets be a sail and boat to catch The Breath,
and let love clean the mirror of our hearts.

The Reality is spoken, as Fruit comes from a Tree.
The Thought always existed, the Word is what we perceive.


A Flammarion woodcut
1. Germination and imbibition
2. What crawled will fly (and ice will melt
3. Flammarion woodcut
4. To a bush on fire and not consumed

"Diamonds, Dirt, Iron pyrite, and a Pearl of great prize"
1. Xylem and Phloem
2. The science of philosophy and vise versa
3. A strand of three chords is not easily broken
4. So you mean i don't have to chase the wind anymore?!
5. The problem was never being to far away but in thinking we had to move closer

Set List

About 5-8 songs, depending on the time gifted.