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The event was organized by Adam Marz, founder of Solid Records Canada and lead singer of the band Solidarity. Drummer James "Moose" and bassit Chris "Cup" Caputo agree that this is only the beginning in terms of charity-oriented events. The group has plans for a summer show in which they will most likely team up with Poverty Without Borders once again. "We've had a good relationship with them. It's a good cause," says Marz.

In their effort to convey themes of anti-war and anti-terrorism, Solidarity is true to the meaning of the word. "We're about bringing people together, and with that, you can have peace and with peace, you're going to have an end to poverty, an end to war--and I know that's a big, grandiose goal, but it's something we can strive for," explains Marz. - The Lance

What has been your greatest personal accomplishment as a musician so far?

I would have to say our CD Release Party for our debut, Materializer, at The Chubby Pickle last December. It was the culmination of a lot of passion and hard-work, from the practice to production to design to promotion, etc. We had a lot of people support us that night especially, it really was a very powerful experience for each of us.

How do you approach song writing from a guitarist perspective?

In rock and/or metal, guitar is most often nthe foundation for everything else, which puts pressure on a guitarist to come up with great riffs. We often come up with a vocal melody first however. Having only one guitar in Solidarity, I'm often forced to write lead parts that are also rhythms involving 2-note chords (like that lick at the end of the chorus riff in "LeadOn", or the end-solo for "hUMAN") because when I drop into a straight-up single-note solo like in some of our new stuff those mid-frequencies dropout (this can be cool however, you simply have to be aware of it).

How do you feel about the whole structure (starting by reading music) vs. feel (playing by ear/feel) of guitar playing?

For a guy who has music notes tattoed on his arm, I'm really not great at reading them anymore. Notes can simplify things, and help a lot when learning new tunes and playing with other musicians, but I most often play/learn by ear and by yelling out note names between band mates (not by staff notations/tabs). All that really matters is that you're well rehearsed and actually evoke emotion from your performance. - Upfront Magazine

Inspired by current social issues, Materializer combines the 80's metal sound with modern rock. The world influence gives the album a unique feel to it. WarCry is the album's best track. With a positive anti-war message set to angry guitar riffs reminiscent of Pantera's Walk, it's a song that will get people rocking and talking. Mary-Helen Clark MacKinnon. - Canada Social


Materializer - Solid Records Canada 2006
Terrorizer - Solid Records Canada 2009

"Lead On" from debut album Materializer is currently being played on regional radio.

See the WarCry Music video now:



Solidarity is made up of three individuals coming together to fuse their own unique blend of socially conscious melodic metal. By immersing listeners into a dynamic sonic world on their debut album Materializer, Solidarity has strived to create solid rock that is thought provoking, yet highly emotional and passionate. Born and bred in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, they pride themselves on embracing foreign cultures with their eclectic blend of world influence and artistic experimentation. Lyrical themes include, peace, environmentalism, media literacy, activism, personal struggles etc…

Brothers Marz and Moose have been playing music together for some 15 years. Now with Kamil C. the band of brothers have and continue to perform at labour and peace rallies, various charities, community centers, halls, festivals and clubs for a growing number of friends and fans, spreading their positive music and message to the masses.