Solid Gold

Solid Gold

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

A progressive urban dreamscape fit for cosmic launches into the ephemeral playground of the fantastic


Solid Gold formed in 2001 out of a mutual need to explore the future through art. By fusing vintage synthetic and analog instruments with modern sensibilities, a unique urban sound was created. This sound is a mirror to the times at hand, and a looking glass into what is to come. These men have traveled the world with their music, bringing it to the masses on their own terms. Fueled by radiation, good taste, and a longing for love, their sound is permeated with a familiar emotion. It is something that is ever present, but can slip away; a distant memory of something unknown and desired.

Solid Gold's second album is due out in early 2012.


Love You To - MN Beatles Project Vol. 3 - Single - 2011
Take Me Out To The Ballgame - Single - 2010(Minnesota Twins, Target Field exclusive)
Synchronize - EP - 2010
Matter of Time - Single - 2010(Green Label Sound)
Fat Lip - Single - 2009
Bible Thumper - Single - 2009
Get Over It - Single - 2009
Bodies of Water - LP - 2008
Who You Gonna Run To? - EP - 2008
Out of Your Mind - EP - 2004
Solid Gold - EP - 2002

Set List

Set times vary from 45 minutes to over an hour, depending on the venue/environment. Solid Gold has many incarnations, most common is the guitars, bass, and drum machines rock outfit. They now have added a drummer, guitarist, and additional percussion. They have also been known to play dreamy keyboard sets featuring old ass organs, casios, effects, and whatever else is lying around. DJ sets are also available. Solid Gold typically incorporates lights and other visuals, that they build, into their performances.