Solid Gold

Solid Gold

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Solid Gold will get really drunk, play sparkle guitars, say their band name an unnecessary number of times, dedicate most of the songs to themselves, and make people dance.


Its a known fact that the colour gold has many additive properties. In the middle ages alchemists discovered that gold detailing can enhance the performance of almost any instrument. Galileo was reported have used a gold telescope when he discovered the moon and Donovan Bailey was even stripped of his olympic medal for illegal gold enhancement on his shoes. Summer of 2009 Solid Gold discovered the same properties could be applied to music by covering thier guitars in gold glitter.

While the loose glitter, in combination with the copious amounts of fake blood don't leave Solid Gold's standard white uniforms in pristine condition after the set, but the music generated is always tight shiny and fresh.

Solid Gold combines influences from classic rockers like T.Rex or Thin Lizzy, a love of club dance music, the colour gold, attractive and/or easy women, Tboneā€™s Ford Aerostar, cowboy movies, being drunk, fiestas (see being drunk), and Brad Pit.

Solid Gold is currently operating out of a secret bunker in an undisclosed location, Solid Gold together with a crack team of top industry and military sound engineers are working to forge an album that meets and excedes the international Solid Gold standard. Resources innumerable have already been poured into the creation process. Beergarita, fake blood and gold spray paint consumption levels have reached astronomical proportions. Environmental activists are vocal in thier concerns over the population depletion and possible extinction of the agave plant, from which tequila is derived.

Recently Solid Gold's public relations have issued a statement allaying stakeholder fears that the band's work on thier upcoming album violates United Nations heavy metals protocols. Solid Gold assures the public that Au emissions will be kept within acceptable levels. Construction will procede as per schedule.


Beergarita Sunrise

Written By: M. Root


Whats up ladies?
Whats up girls?
Solid Gold
Uh yeah alright let go

I'm gonna meet ya
I'll trick or treat ya

On the streets
In the clubs
In your homes
Were out for blood
Whats up ladies?
Whats up girls?
Solid Gold
Uh yeah alright let go

I'm gonna meet ya
I'll trick or treat ya

And she only uses clear tequila
when she mixes her beergaritas
when I told her everything
must be made from
Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!

She said..
...She gave it to me strait...
...She gave it to me hard...
...She said...

oh it makes me feel so good.

I'm gonna meet ya
I'll trick or treat ya


Girls Got Gold

Written By: T. Miller, M. Root

She's got the chains
got the metal in her veins
got bows & bangles
screaming right Bo Jangles

Yeah she got it!

And you could buy her strings & rings
that she could add to all her pretty things
and if you could buy her the globe
it would hang on her earlobe

whoa yeah the girls got gold

She got it!

Riders of the Gold

Written By: M. Root

She rides on velvet steed
she rides!

When I told her I found a place to start
She wont unfold me
No, I found a place in her heart.
and I, resent being forced through your victory arch

You can not blame me
I havent seen it yet
Don't try to shame me
I'll fall into deep neglect
and I, dont give a damn about your self respect

Guns at dawn
Iron in your hands
Fire from the sky
Death walks the land


Ladies, you want to ride the gold
baby, come on and stroke my pole
And I, I feel this hands too good to fold
Riders of the Gold.


Blood & Glitter (Summer 2010)

Set List

Solid Gold Originals:
- Shootout at the S.G. Corral
- Beergarita Sunrise
- Girls Got Gold
- Can't Afford that Solid Gold
- Spineless
- Bitch Fight
- All that Glitters
- Blood & Glitter
- Riders of the Gold
- Too Drunk to Fuck

Regularly played covers:
- Jet - Paul McCartney & Wings
- Flash - Queen
- Black Math - The White Stripes
- Gut Feeling - Devo
- 20th Century Boy - T.Rex
- Gabrielle - Ween
- Saturday nights alright for fighting - Elton John
- Acceptable in the 80s - Calvin Harris
- The End - The Beatles