Well, we have a lot of fun doing what we do. We have a unique style and sound and from our fan's standpoint, they would agree. Everywhere we go, we try to promote the band. Our stage show is very exciting with a lot of crowd participation and non-stop headbanging.


We all got together in late December 2002. We all wanted to make and play music, especially in front of excited crowds. We set off trying to make songs quickly, and with not much thought both musically and lyrically; basically trying to rush things. But as we grew older and wiser, we decided to take our time writing songs, and the end result are the songs we have now.

To be honest, we don't really have too many influences. I guess that's why we have a unigue sound and style. Our recording engineer said that we reminded him of The Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath, but we had no intention of sounding like either of them.

The things that seperate us from other bands is our determination to be ourselves and our sense of humor. We try to get involved as much as we can with our fans, and give them a good performance. We will continue to write good, catchy music that'll make you headbang, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon.


Self-titled EP: Solidity

Set List

Enough original material for 45-60 minutes