"Solis" weaves soundscapes of emotion drenched with sultry vocals, grinding cellos and electro-acoustic rhythms. With melancholy lyrics and dark, yet soothing musical arrangements, they are sure to work their way inside your head and make themselves comfortable.


Our influnces cross various genres from artists like Joni Mitchell and Sarah Mclachlan to Radiohead, Massive Attack, Bjork, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and Mazzy Star, among many others.

What distinguishes us from other bands has to first and foremost be the vocals, and the heart-felt composition and arrangement of each song. Amber (lead singer and composer) uses her music as a way of therapy... "Each song relates directly to a certain instance in my life, whether it's a certain situation I was/ or am in, or an overall experience that brought up certain emotions... I can move through my emotions by getting it out and down on paper. But the real healing happens when music and lyrics become entwined, and the true message can be conveyed... my desire is for the listener to feel that connection, and to take it and interpret it through their own experiences."


Amber Scott- "Home" 2004 LP
Solis- "Songs for Judah" 2006 LP

Set List

Origional compositions, a couple covers... a typical set would consist of ten to twelve songs with one or two covers.