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Milford, Connecticut, United States

Milford, Connecticut, United States
Band Rock Funk


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Delvina Black
La Voz
So Much Inside
Universal Soul
You Got Owned
Miss Cordelia

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Solistic (sol-is-tick) n. band hailing from Connecticut dedicated to the art of writing and performing original music that sets your soul and your feet free.

With the vision of developing a band that would perform original songs within a live, continuous, controlled flexibility show modeled after such artists as James Brown, and the live revues of that era, ex "Tongue~N~Groove" guitarist Tom Stonoha, and ex "Snafu" and "Scrapyard" bassist Mel Perry started piecing together the foundation for a soulcentric style of playing .

With lead guitar and bass/vox secured, the two began their search for a stellar drummer who possessed both feel and groove, enter ex "Unzipped" skins man John "J.P." Stavola.


DRUMS ~ John, Johnny, Johnny-Stavs, Staverino, His Stavness (if you're not into the whole brevity thing) has been hitting the skins ever since he began to walk. First playing on a Muppets kit, he honed his skills while blasting out his mother's ears drumming to such favorites as "Hotel California" and "Wipeout". He has laid the groove down from punk to metal, and jazz to R&B. John has played in many bands over the years including Sound and Fury, the Lucid Trio, Hardly Lucid, Hash Clyde and most recently Unzipped. During the summer of '09, through his father he was introduced to Mel Perry and auditioned to become part of a new musical "concept". Together with Tom Stonoha, and later, the addition of Brett Hungerford, John has embraced his role in being part of the backbone of Solistic! He loves all kinds of music and his influences include (but are not limited to) Kenny Burrell, Alice in Chains, Zepplin, Tool, Cypress Hill, Jimi, James Brown and Pink Floyd. Sometimes, if you listen closely, you may even hear him belting out "Southern Cross" by Crosby, Stills and Nash!

LEAD GUITAR & VOCALS ~ Tommy Stonoha At an early age, Tommy thought it would be fun to play guitar in a rock and roll band, and as it turns out, he was correct. However, after hearing the blues for the first time, he was instantly hooked to this robust American art form. Having the privilege to be under the tutelage of Paul “Gabe” Gabriel for a few years, Tom began to perform with such artists as Jesse “Wild Bill” Austin and George Baker. The high school band that Tom formed with his childhood friend, Andrew Gromiller, and others (Eric Kalb, Hubert Martin, Dave Livolsi, and Jen Durkin to name a few) eventually morphed into “Tongue~N~Groove”. Tommy “T-Bone” then when on to re-live the 70’s in a disco show band, after which, he needed to recover by getting his B.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Montana, Bozeman. Recently returning from Montana, Tommy “T” called his old friend, Melvin Perry, and asked him if he wanted to start a new project. With dedication, a clear vision, and hard work, Solistic came to be.

BASS & VOCALS ~ Mel Perry has been playing bass since the first time he had seen a posthumous Jimi Hendrix special on T.V. at the ripe old age of thirteen. Listening to every style of music, he then hit the local open mic trails at 17 learning how to play by watching and jamming with some of the premier musicians of the day, Greg Toresso, Frank Sambiase, and Glen Masso to name a few. Many gig fill-ins, and playing opportunities followed, along with hooking up with the members of Sniffles to join the offshoot band Snafu which branched into a group called Scrapyard, and Mel gladly joined his good friends, and occupied the bass chair in that group for many years while also playing in the premier wedding outfit Funky Business. He left Scrapyard after many years to join his friend Tom Stonoha to form an original outfit which became eventually known as Solistic. Mel continues his mission of spreading the idea of diverse music listening to as many people as possible, and continues to love and enjoy all forms of music.