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Sexy stylish and glamorous vibes – waiting to be unwrapped…


One year after… Solitha is trying to combine spirit and physical appeal through the language that Hip Hop and R’nB speak in her new long play “Unwrap me”… Something between a woman of confidence and a girl of mystery is everything that should be expected being unwrapped…
So what’s still the most important part of a body mad about dancing and shaking? Sure, it’s the butt, known by many names, also the “Bootey”… as we go ahead praising this popular link between some kinky phantasies and pure sex appeal… Pretty much as sexy as enjoying life to the fullest, following one’s own goals and horizon…. one’s “Personal horizon”. In a way lovers are just like presents to each other, from fulfilling desires and dreams to enjoying life and each other in every respect. Solitha distinguishes between the experience of physical satisfaction and the experience of bringing love back to the roots of feelings that develop beyond just making love as “Like you need me” reveals… Love is like the wide ocean that habors all its treasures and wonders of nature, just like the many ways in which love is experienced and liked to life. “Unwrap me” tries to make the composition of all kinds of love itself and the things we all love…

Set List

Damn Hawt
Like you need me
Personal Horizon
Crush Boy
Just meet me
Like you need me (Chill Remix)