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Pulsating rhythms and synth-riffs are the order of play for the debut release of Solitoode Attitoode. Building on a signature groovy electro-sound, Larry Amos (he IS Solitoode Attitoode) constructs enchanting melodies with exquisitely layered choruses. The CD, formatted in 5.1 Surround Sound and mixed down to stereo using Dolby Pro Logic II technology, has an unmistakable uplifting feel. One could easily imagine how wonderful the disc would be were it played in three-dimensional sound. The shifting sonic layers at first listen will sound familiar to fans of Yaz or the electro-heavy "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas. But, listening to the slightly more intricate and densely mastered "Tinker Lane", the last cut on the disc, I'd swear I was listening to Rick Wakeman had I not known better.

Avoiding the tired and dreaded rave sound that has seemed to overtake traditional electronic music of late, Solitoode Attitude is a throwback to the rhythmic expressions that launched careers for bands like Erasure, New Order, Jimmy Sommerville and Alison Moyet. That's not to say that Amos is strictly "old school" and in fact it would be a disservice to categorize this disc as such. But the foundation is there layered with added nuance utilizing more modern dance inclinations and a touch of pop songcraft to boot.
Three uplifting, grand anthems open the disc and establish the identity which Amos has created. "Bright Light", "Destiny Calling" and "Downtown In Dreamtown" evoke enlightenment and illumination. Swathes of rapturous synth and punchy rhythmic beats twist daytime-friendly melodies with a touch of halycon pop and enough shifting shoegaze to get your feet moving independently of your body.

"Insatiable" burns in rhythmic resonance, a pulsating blast with house-party aspirations that keeps its riotously frenzied pace for over nine minutes. "Spinning The World" is the standout song on this disc, obviously made with trance dancing in mind, exposing it's electronic underside that works not despite, but because it eliminates overstated disco sirens and tiring bass bass beats in favor of a falsetto synth sound that simply kicks ass. "Tinker Lane" envelops itself in lush keyboards and a stunning arrangement that retro burns into a powerful ending.

To his credit, Larry Amos handled all of the composing, writing and mixing of this disc to dizzying, emotive effect. Solitoode Attitoode percolates with elements of impassioned production and elegant layering. It is incessantly catchy with a self-assured attitude overflowing with enough stand alone tracks that is as comfortable as it is capable of commandeering your stereo system. Never ponderous or overly obtuse, Solitoode Attitoode is decidedly confident and ultimately sweet, a eloquent reminder that there is no shame in feeling good about yourself.
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Solitoode Attitoode - self-titled debut album



A new Attitoode is going around!

A new band.

A new sound.

Let it expand!

Something is abound.


If you dare!

It will be found.


Once upon a time, there used to exist in each and every one of us, a world that was full of innocence and beauty. It was a world that would wake us gently every morning with a warm bath of sunshine. Even a rainy day was full of sparkle and intrigue. In this world, time and money only meant birthdays and holidays. Our only fear was being stung by a bee. It was a world that we all loved, and it loved us back.

Unfortunately, this world eventually leaves us and many of us forget that it actually existed. Solitoode Attitoode is trying to re-create this world in us, even if for only a moment. What is created in this world is music that is dimensioned with sound. Basically, it is all about the sound, the depth and the arrangement of the sounds to allow anyone, no matter what language they speak, to fully submerge themselves into a musical experience to call their own and make it timeless. The world of Solitoode Attitoode is a work in progress. The attempts to bridge these two worlds solely depends on the connections made with people in this world. Through the music and the people that love the music, the two worlds will eventually unite.

Solitoode Attitoode is about creating and composing instrumental music that has an upbeat, positive touch. The music is created for the intelligent listener that does not need a story to tell them how to feel. Rather, the music is generated to convey a flow of energy to bring the listener to a new virtuality that will revitalize their existence in a world that bombards everyday life with negative pressures. The music will become your own personal story.

In staying true to the sound, the music took full advantage of the new generation of format with the 5.1 surround sound. The songs were originally recorded using all six channels before being mixed down to stereo using the Dolby Pro Logic II technology. Thoughts are to put out a DVD version in the future to take full advantage of playback on your home theater system where the music can be heard the way it really was meant to be heard, resulting in a sound exploration for the listener!