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Our demo gets consistent airplay on the Local Connection, WJLZ radio, 88.5FM, Virginia Beach, VA. Thanks to Jennifer Creasey!!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Originating in Virginia Beach, Jon and Calie, the founders of Solitude, inhabited the same street of the same neighborhood for about 5 years until they finally met at a mutual friend’s party in the spring of 2002. There, Calie introduced herself to Jon, beginning an unusual friendship that would spawn the beginning of a musical bond between them. During the summer, Calie and Jon hung out with each other more and more, and it wasn’t until the fall that they learned of each others’ musical abilities. Jon invited Calie to a gig that he would be playing at a coffee shop and offered to let her open for him (since he knew that she played the guitar). After playing “Fly Away” for Jon, his astonishment at her capability furthered his interest in her musicality—after the gig, Jon recorded “Fly Away” and “Set Free” for Calie and showed them to his friend Robbin who was a drummer. The three of them, along with another guitarist, formed Spoken For in the fall, an alternative-funk-rock band (an interesting combination of sorts).

Though Spoken For didn’t last long, Calie and Jon continued to pursue musical interests together, writing songs, and performing in local coffee shops. Their sound was—and still is—much more acoustic with a pop feel to some of the songs. The friendship between them continued to grow stronger. During all of this time, Calie was doing her best to be a witness to Jon and to share with him the love of Christ (see Jon’s bio for more info). Eventually he turned his heart over to Jesus and his perspective on life and music was transformed. The ultimate goal of Solitude became what it still is today—to be a light both on and off the stage for those seeking Truth and the love and power of Christ.

During the fall of 2003, Calie ventured on to the University of Virginia where she plans to study music. Though Jon remained in Virginia Beach, they continued to maintain their relationships, both personal and musical. They played a few gigs during the fall and even wrote a few songs in the process. One of Calie’s suitemates was also from Va Beach—her boyfriend went to school with Jon and was in a band. Solitude was able to play a few gigs with Flipside, which is where Jon and Calie eventually met their new percussionist, Rob. During a gig at Java Junction with Flipside, Jon and Calie asked Rob, a friend of Flipside who was attending the gig, if he wanted to play the congas for the last two songs of their set. After the gig ended, Rob was asked if he wanted to join Solitude—from then on, Solitude began recording and perfecting both new and old songs.

Rob brings an interesting twist to Solitude, including such distinctive instruments as a didgeridoo, recorders, a trumpet, a triangle, and many other interesting things. Jon and Calie are grateful for Rob’s commitment to the group after searching for a percussionist for such a long time. Solitude is looking forward to many gigs to come and looks forward to seeing you there.