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"Reno News & Review"

“Combining various ethnic instrumental styles with a contemporary acoustic-rock/jam-band aesthetic, the four members of Sol’Jibe are all impressive, talented players.” - Feb. 24, 2005

"The Oregonian (Portland, OR)"

"Sol'Jibe -- Take Rusted Root, Santana and Phish, add a dash of flamenco music and a smidgen of jazz, bake in a Spanish adobe kiln, and this band's music will come out. Piping hot. These guys are working to redefine the very nomenclature of a 'jam band.'" - Dec. 1, 2006

"The Argonaut (University of Idaho)"

“Imagine Ben Harper playing flamenco guitar. Add a side of Dave Matthews and sound steeped in traditional rock. Sprinkle in bits of classical influence and Afro-Cuban rhythms and you get Sol’Jibe.” - Feb. 2, 2006

"Boulder Weekly"

“A worldly blend of flamenco, jazz, and rock full of energy and passion that unfortunately seems hard to find these days. I saw Sol’Jibe play several months ago and was astounded. Their sound is full, well rounded, and has convinced me that I, too, need to go kick it with the gypsies in Spain. ¡Muchas gracias, amigos!” - Nov. 11, 2004

"Missoula newspaper coverage"

“‘Marinero,’ the sophomore release from this four-headed world-music monster, features all original material with more soul than you’d think a Reno-based band could pull off. Mostly instrumental, these guys pack the notes in, but never fall into self-indulgent noodling — each melody is well thought out and precisely delivered. Despite the fact that the album was recorded live, there’s nary a stray note or missed chord; the band’s live musicianship is pretty much flawless. Sol’Jibe is a band to watch.”

“Tim Snider, who doubles as the band’s lead singer, possesses a breathy, beautiful baritone voice, which he employs only sparingly in the band’s music. It’s a testament to the group’s bountiful musical talents that such a fine voice can take a back seat without being missed during the long, meandering instrumental journeys that form the soul of Sol’Jibe’s sound." - Dec. 1 & 8, 2005

"The Arbiter (Boise State University)"

"Subtle sounds, intense rhythms, and a distinct passion to articulate charismatic rhythms found in varying cultures have catapulted a Reno-based band to new heights. Tim Snider, Milton Merlos, Jonathan Phillips, and Cody Remkalus have traveled to exotic regions to enhance their musical journey through lige and to progress the exotic 'fusion of acoustic rock, flamenco, and world rhythms" of Sol'Jibe.

"Sol'Jibe's intense instrumental world sound accompanies by passionate telling lyrics of experiences had, creqate a fierce emotional trancendent experience found in the tracks of their two albums, 'On Your Feet' and 'Marinero.'" - Feb. 2, 2006


"The disc kicks off with a great 8 minute instrumental, very moody and sets the tone that this is a band with a great mixture of music and talent. Sol'Jibe are well versed in the world of music, pulling influences from flamenco, acoustic jams and other original beats created by a group of amazing musicians.

"Tim Snider adds some spice to his vocals by playing the violin, a unique combo that adds to the great character of a band like this. Diversity plays a roll in every song. As one scrolls through the songs on this sophomore disc by this Nevada-based band make sure to take time to listen to the amazing progression that each tune has to offer. These are brilliant jams intertwined and woven beautifully into something fresh and new. They have played with huge acts like Spearhead & B-Side Players and have traveled the world honing their skills in music.

"Favorites include 'Rhumba' and 'Traveling Song.' Check the website for tour dates in and around your area. Till then get this disc and get your groove on." - Jan. 9, 2006

"PopMatters Music Short Takes"

"Do not write these guys off just because they are a world music jam-band from Las Vegas (Reno actually); they are actually really good, quite ambitious, and very strong supported in many Western cities. Tim Snider's vocals and wailing violin are pretty impressive, but the real focus of the group is Milton Merlos' flamenco-styled guitar; these two high school friends know how to interact without stepping all over each other. Some tracks here sound like jazz -- 'Free Fallin'', featuring a great fusion sax solo from Jonathan Phillips -- and others verge into stranger territory, like the almost 10-minute closer "Spanish Punk", which fuses free jazz, Gaelic music, and good rock-feel drums from Cody Remaklus. Recommended to non-snobs everywhere."

-- Matt Cibula, 11/8/06 -

"Boise Weekly"

"With the plethora of performers out there and music so readily available, it's sometimes hard to differentiate bands from one another especially in certain genres. So-called "jam bands" can seem to run together, the lines blurred by similar island bongo drum beats, plucked acoustic guitar-led melodies, jazzy horn riffs and long drum solos. To stand out, a band has to have something more than just a little unique. Moving to the frong of the world music line is Sol'Jibe.

"Sol'Jibe is Tim Snider, Milton Merlos, Jonathan Phillips, and Cody Remaklus. Their 2005 sophomore release, Marinero, is like a paella of music. Within the 12 tracks, there are large helpings of violin, soprano saxophone, percussion, flamenco guitar and cow bell (you can never have enough cow bell). And even within the songs, there's a combination of flavors: The unfortunately named first track, 'Dry Sockets,' is an 8-minute instrumental that mixes Gaelic violin with contemporary sax. The instruments bounce off each other in a kind of question-and-answer play sometimes completing the other's phrase, sometimes answering back in kind. 'Liza Charmel' showcases bongo, the flamenco guitar, the cow bell and basso-voiced, emotionally sung lyrics. The shortest song on the CD pushes five minutes and the longest almost clears 10, but regardless of how long any given song is, they are all imminently danceable tunes and offer but a taste of what Sol'Jibe has to offer a live audience."

-- Amy Atkins


SCENE MAGAZINE (The Idaho Statesman), DEC. 2, 2005
“These guys play a mean mix of jazz, rock, and world music with inventive style.”

PLAY MAGAZINE (Idaho Press-Tribune), DEC. 2, 2005
“Sol’Jibe blends world-music influences, soulful vocals, and dazzling flamenco-guitar and violin work into a powerful, groove-filled cocktail. The band is building a nice little wave of momentum thanks to the infectious energy of its live performances and the strength of its latest release, ‘Marinero.’ The album, recorded after the band studied music in Central American and Cuba, is well worth the price of admission.” - Oct. 11, 2006

"High Sierra back in fine form"

"Sol Jibe proved itself one of the hardest working and most delightful new finds at the fest by lending it's world beats and Latin rhythms to two different stages during the course of the day, winning new fans every time it played."

Visit for the entire High Sierra roundup article.

View clips of Sol'Jibe's set at the Shady Grove stage at YouTube:

Spanish Punk --

Marinero --
- Honest Tune: The American Journal of Jam & Roots


"New Day" EP, 2007 (BC003)
"Marinero" LP, 2005 (BC002)
"On Your Feet" LP, 2003 (BC001)

National distribution via Burnside Distribution Corp. ( and Home Grown Music Network (



Sol'Jibe, the number 1 band from the Reno/Tahoe area for the past 3 years, are now poised to break on to the International touring circuit.

Blending American roots, world beat, and Latin rhythms into an inspired sound that has been dubbed "World Pop,” Sol'Jibe creates a high-energy performance that gives its audiences an irresistible desire to dance. Their eclectic sound draws from extensive travels to Spain, Cuba, and Central America where they studied folkloric rhythms and culture.

Sol'Jibe has been honored to provide musical support for such acts as Michael Franti, Robert Randolph, and Steel Pulse, while independently staging upwards of 200 festivals and shows yearly across the United States, Mexico, Canada and Cuba.

“Sol’Jibe proved itself one of the hardest working and most delightful new finds...winning new fans every time [they] played.” (Honest Tune: The American Journal of Jam & Roots.) The group also strongly believes in musical education and has provided clinics and performances throughout the western United States to students at High Schools and Colleges, and community groups comprising all age groups and demographics, since 2005.

Sol'Jibe's high-energy percussive sound and musical innovation was inspired by a trip to Spain in 2002 where classically-trained violinist, lead vocalist/songwriter, and guitar player, Tim Snider had a clear vision of fusing diverse styles of music. His open approach to writing and arranging drove him to choose these diverse and exceptional musicians from the acclaimed Jazz Department at the University of Nevada, Reno in pursuit of his goal: saxophonist James Hoover, keyboardist J. Cowell, bassist Fernando Flores, and drummer Justin Kruger.

A solid grass roots following and consistent touring have provided the foundation for Sol'Jibe to gain national momentum and international recognition. With a new team of management, booking agency, and record company having been assembled over the past 6 months, and the upcoming release of their fourth album, "Raices Nuevas", Sol'Jibe will be taking their live show on the road throughout North America and around the globe. It is apparent that Sol'Jibe is not only maintaining their initial spark of inspiration and drive, but are further pushing the boundaries of independent music and fusion.