Sol Lyric (Soul Lyrics) The Best Body Moving Gospel You Ever Heard, but Inspirational; Totally Uplifting Music. Listen as She Soulfully pours her heart out about the Lord Jesus Christ and pulls your heart into her music.


Name: Sherri Williams Garrett
Birthplace: Knoxville, Tennessee
November 13(Scorpio)
-2 Children
-2 Deceased Children

Profession: Licensed Manicurist

Past- R&B singer for Trina Perry of JC Sinban Records from Saginaw, Mi
Worked With:
Kermit Crockett from Saginaw, Mi
Producer George Pierce of UBU Productions from Saginaw, Mi
Bernard Terry of Silver Sun Productions from Flint, Mi
Jeff Lobers from Pacific Palisades
Currently- “The Maker” - Kevin Dickson, Sr. – Producer- Cosmos Entertainment – North South Productions of Sevierville, Tn


Jesus Is My Rock

Written By: Sol Lyric/The Maker


Verse 1
Lord you know I'm tired
I can't do this by myself
Lord with you I go higher
Than I could do on my own

Lord you are so amazing
You saved me with your loving grace
There were times I acted crazy
and you still had mercy on me

Jesus Is My Rock, Jesus is My Rock
Jesus Is My Rock
Because he moves mountains

Cause his love will never change
Even though we go astray
He said I'd be okay
So I pray

Verse 2
Lord you said in Matthew and 23
You would heal all matter of disease
Lord I know you helped the blind to see
And the lost was found heavenly

Lord you know I'm still tired
Still I can't do this by myself
Lord with you I can climb higher
over any mountain in my way

Chorus 2x

Break In Music

Verse 3
Lord you said I would have joy in the morning
Even though I still feel pain
Devil you're a liar
I rebuke all your evil --away
Lord you know I'm still tired
I just can't do this by myself
Lord with you I can climb higher
Over any mountain in my way

Ooh---ooh-oohh- cause his lover will never change
oh-oh-oh -even though we go astray
Ooh---ooh-oohh- You said I'd be okay
oh-oh-oh - So I pray

Chorus 2x --Ad lib


EP-Maxi Single 'Jesus Is My Rock' - (2008)
EP-Album 'Keep Your Head To The Sky' -Scheduled Released May, 2008.

Single Download MP3's available for purchase and download at : SNOCAP STORE

Streaming Radio play: "Keep Your Head To The Sky' and "Jesus Is My Rock"

Set List

Original Recordings -Written and Performed By Sol-Lyric
Jesus Is My Rock
Keep Your Head To The Sky
He Forgave Me
It's My Turn

Set Length: 40min with 10 min intermission

Set may vary for custom performances with choir, background vocals, etc.