Solomon Chinnery

Solomon Chinnery



The music industry is booming with far too many similar sounds. Originality and style are what make Solomon stand apart from many of today’s artist. His contemporary gospel style of music is a breath of fresh air, with lingering lyrics and a positive bite. You will sing and tap your feet to a beat that is uplifting in today’s burdensome society.

Solomon, a singer, songwriter, and producer, was exposed to music at a very early age. His father, a professional musician, was his incentive to pursue music and at the age of two he traveled to the Catskills to see his father perform with other inspiring musicians. When he reached his high school years, he started a school band in place of the absent school music program. He briefly attended the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, and graduated from the city university of Brooklyn College where he studied and performed music. Never denying an opportunity to perform, his career in gospel music continued to quickly expand, thus allowing him to record and perform his music in venues that span from the Planet Hollywood in New York City’s Time Square to production projects in the United States Virgin Islands. He has also written, produced and recorded arrangements to accompany New York City Police Department training material, borough wide community events, weddings, fashion shows, and schools.

With all of these achievements to his credit, Solomon continues to bless and entertain audiences of all walks of life, most currently with his much anticipated debut album entitled “His Return”.



Set List

Demo Set:
Set Length: (25) to (30) minutes
Song amount: (5) songs

Full Set:
Set Length: approximately (90) minutes
Song Amount: (16) songs:
(8) songs: (45) minutes
(8) songs: (45) minutes