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The best kept secret in music


"Review of "Advent""

“Advent” is a collection of sacred Christmas music arranged for solo piano and performed by Solomon Keal. What is especially nice about this collection is that several less-common pieces are mixed in with the well-known songs, creating a beautiful change of pace from the overplayed holiday songs that often become stale and tiresome after awhile. All of the arrangements are quiet and peaceful, and are intended for unwinding, relaxing, or for a backdrop to an elegant dinner or worship. All of the songs have enough complexity for active listening, but there are no hard edges or discordance. Keal keeps the melodies in the forefront without a lot of fancy fingerwork or showmanship. He is confident enough in his capabilities to keep the songs simple and honest - and very heartfelt. Keal purposely arranged each of the fifteen songs in a different key - an interesting approach!

Highlights include lovely versions of “What Child Is This?” and “O Come, Come Emmanuel.” I always love their haunting melodies, and Keal does a beautiful job with them, adding some personal touches between the verses. “Blessed Night” was a new song for me, and a great discovery. The melody is gentle and sweet with just a touch of melancholy. “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” has such a sense of grace and dignity, and this is a especially nice arrangement. “When The World Was White With Winter” is another new one for me, although it is an old French carol. Another beauty, Keal’s spare arrangement creates a chill as well as a sense of stillness. “The Wexford Carol” goes back to the 12th century. Its simple melody is given minimal accompaniment and is very touching. Keal also includes two African-American spirituals, “Rise Up Shepherd and Follow” and “Go Tell It On the Mountain,” and gives them the gentle treatment he has bestowed upon the other songs. I think the melody of “The Coventry Carol” is one of the most heartbreaking melodies ever composed, especially knowing the history of the song. Keal’s version is exceptional and deeply moving. The CD closes with a sweet and tranquil arrangement of “Away In a Manger” - such a gentle lullaby.

“Advent” is a great addition to your collection of Christmas music to enjoy as an antidote to the hustle and bustle of the holidays - a cup of musical hot cocoa! It is available from,,, and Best Buy both online and for ordering in the stores. - Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications


"Thoughts and Affections" - 1998
"Heritage" - 2000
"Advent" - 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Solomon Keal is a solo piano artist from Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania. He composes all original peaceful solo piano music. His New Age, or Neo Classical music reminds us of the folk piano style of George Winston.
Solomon has a home recording studio which allows him to record and produce his own albums. He just released a new solo piano Christmas album called "Advent." He is also working with his sister Roxanne on composing several pieces for a flute and piano album. Solomon will be increasing his performing within the local area, as well as making his music more available to the public.
Six years of formal piano lessons laid the foundation for his ability to compose an average of 6 solo piano pieces a year since 1993. Solomon has performed his music for weddings, dinners, receptions, charity events, open mic nights, coffeeshops, and concerts.
In 1998, with the extraordinary help of Clark Ferguson (Bearswamp Studios), his family and friends, Solomon made his first self-published album entitled "Thoughts and Affections." Then in 2000, he made his second album, "Heritage."
Solomon is also a songwriter. He submits his songs to TAXI (a company that publishes music industry listings and takes song submission from members and sends them to industry professionals.) He has also taken a Recording Engineering course from the Audio Institute of America, and is now capable of recording his own albums as well as recording for other musicians as well.
Piano performing, composing, songwriting, music teaching, and recording engineering are all fluid parts of Solomon's music career.
Solomon's piano music can now be heard on a couple of different online radio stations including: Whisperings Solo Piano Radio (, and New Church Radio (

Solomon John Keal was born in 1977 near Philadelphia Pennsylvania, in a little town called Bryn Athyn. He spent most of his early childhood across the state in Pittsburgh. He was the first in a family of three kids who all grew up listening to, and loving music. His mom is a pianist; both of his parents play the guitar; and they all love to sing.
Solomon started taking piano lessons in 1983, in first grade, from a lady named Polly Schoenberger. He didn't like taking lessons very much, and at the time he never would have guessed that he would grow up to be a composer for the piano. In 1985 they moved back East to Kempton, Pennsylvania, which is near Allentown. There wasn't a piano teacher available, so Solomon's mom taught him and his sisters.
When he was 12 years old, he stopped taking formal piano lessons. But, after about a year he found himself coming back to the piano again. His love of music never disappeared and he loved trying to figure out how to play the songs that he knew and loved. He began to teach himself to play the piano by ear. It was a challange that he still loves. He learned what made a song sound good. He learned the feel of music.
In 1993, when Solomon was 16, he composed his first piano piece entitled: "Thunderstorm." Since that time, he has written, on average, about 5 or 6 pieces a year. His years in college were by far the most fruitful for composition. The intellectual and artistic stimulation brought about a surge of creativity. The process of "coming of age" gave him a need to express himself, which he did most effectively through the piano.
Mostly, Solomon plays solo piano. But, he has also co-written pieces for flute and piano with his sister, Roxanne. Solomon is a Songwriter as well, and writes mostly Country and Christian songs, as well as some love songs with his wife Tirah. Recently he's been teaching himself more about blues and jazz piano.
"Composing is both a powerful and humbling experience. When I play some of the pieces I've written, I can't help but feel that I was not the only author. Talent of any kind is a God-given gift, and I thank the Lord for the privilege to compose music."

His parents, Ian and Wellesley Keal, have been a large influence in Solomon's musical background. His mom plays the piano and the guitar. She frequently plays for church services, and has her own small business as a piano teacher. It was through his mom that Solomon learned to love pianists like Scott Joplin, Hagood Hardy, David Lanz, and John Odhner. His dad plays guitar, but his primary influence on Solomon was in the area of recorded music. Ian has excellent taste in everything from Classical to Rock. His dad was the one who introduced him to two music labels which greatly influenced Solomon: Windham Hill, and American Gramaphone. Specifically, the music of George Winston of Windham Hill, and Chip Davis of American Gramaphone. George Winston's music especially inspired Solomon, and assured him of the simple and powerful beauty of solo piano. (Links:,,
Film composers have also been a great source of inspiration for Solomon's music,