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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1995 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1995
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"Rap bendito para jóvenes hispanos (Blessed Rap for Hispanic Youth)"

(In Spanish)
Pastor utiliza hip-hop para que jóvenes hispanos, de Washington Heights y El Bronx, se acerquen a Dios
Carla Candia/EDLP | 2011-05-02 | El Diario NY

NUEVA YORK — En el segundo piso de la iglesia protestante Fort Washington Collegiate Church, en Washington Heights, el reverendo Edgardo Acevedo, vestido de jeans, chaqueta de cuero, zapatos deportivos y lentes oscuros, le indicó a la audiencia, compuesta por más de quince jóvenes, en su mayoría de origen hispano, que se levantara de sus sillas. Acevedo tomó el micrófono y comenzó a cantar su rap "Eternal Life", que –inspirado en un verso del Viejo Testamento de la Biblia– habla de sustituir "un corazón de piedra" por uno "de carne".
La actuación no sorprendió a la audiencia, que ya está acostumbrada a que Acevedo, de 30 años, "rapee" en los servicios religiosos, cuando predica, o antes de comenzar uno de los cinco programas para jóvenes de séptimo a doceavo grado, que lleva a cabo de domingo a jueves.
"Mi objetivo es ayudar a los jóvenes a sobrevivir en Washington Heights. Si el hip-hop es una herramienta para llegarle a esos jóvenes, la voy a usar", dijo este hijo de padres puertorriqueños quien explicó que en este vecindario hispano la juventud está expuesta a drogas, crimen y pobreza, entre otras situaciones negativas.
A través de su programa Young Starrz, Acevedo enseña cómo utilizar el hip-hop para expresar sus sentimientos. Los cinco jóvenes que toman este taller se reúnen todos los domingos con Acevedo y aprenden desde historia del hip-hop, cómo escribir raps, hasta cómo funciona la industria de la música.
"El me enseñó cómo actuar delante del público, cómo escribir rimas, cómo grabar un disco", dijo Sincere Devlin, de 16 años, quien fue el primer alumno de Acevedo. "Él me ha ayudado a mantenerme fuera de la calle", añadió Devlin, cuya madre es dominicana.

Cuando lo nombraron ministro de asuntos juveniles en 2005 Acevedo le pidió a la iglesia que confiara en él. Así, cuando el joven pastor dijo que quería enseñar a los jóvenes un estilo de música que está asociado a la cultura de la calle, no recibió ninguna oposición.
"Me pusieron a cargo de este ministerio porque yo soy un ejemplo del joven que logró. Yo he ‘rapeado’ en esta iglesia desde que tenía 15 años", dice y explica que en 2003 decidió únicamente un "rapero cristiano" y apostó por el nombre artístico de Solomon Starr.
- El Diario Newspaper New York (Impre Media)

"Review of "The Birth of Tragedy""

Solo artist Solomon Starr's latest album "The Birth of Tragedy
(Remastered)" delivers an insightful musical approach using rap and
spiritual styles. Starr is able to share his musical gift through his
words of spiritual wisdom. His lyrics are insightful as he delves into
his past and raps of troubled times and finding your way back through
the Christian way. "Cosmic Struggle" has nice horn sounds that create
a snake charmer effect. In the title track "The Birth of Tragedy," the
sound of the violin is sad and sorrowful, as are the lyrics. The album displays energetic rap vocals with sincere projection and the
accompanying instruments compliment the emotive lyrics. "The Birth of Tragedy" is an album that is sensitive to the younger
generation that needs spiritual guidance by way of Hip-Hop beats and
rhyming rap. -

"Review of "Eternal Life""

So I was listening to this Solomon Star album and I was caught my surprise the beats have a nice bounce to them and the emcee has good lyrical prose, bouncing over the tracks lyrically like a gymnast. I really have to say up front I like this cat’s music and lyrical prowess plus the features only add to the already good album. The metaphors and music touch on his personal life to his experience with Christ its refreshing. I have to admit I haven’t heard him before but I like the production on the tracks and how Starr seems to lyrically meet the rhythm that at times switch from rock feel on the track like the title track “Eternal Life” to the southern bounce of the intro song “Raise By The Rage” talking about the streets he was raised in or the track “When Light Comes” is very underground with a Shadow of The Locust kind of vibe. He shows diversity. He takes on topics affected by his faith and ministry to teens, he seems to stay transparent about his life, lyrically witty and yes spiritually uplifting. It causes me to be interested and engaged in what he has to say. I feel the music and the content speaking spiritually.

I have to admit I read the lyrics before listening and I was feeling the lyrics, feeling like I could like this dude, spiritual deep and good with the metaphors, like on the track “Superman Is Dead” he talks about how Jesus is coming back but all our other hero’s die or are only fictional in our mind. In “God is hip hop” but makes it clear Hip Hop isn’t God talking about how many emcee’s have spoken to him and lead him to search for faith in Christ, referencing emcees like Rakim, whose declaration of faith lead Solomon Starr to seek God on his own. While listening its interesting that Rakim is being discussed right now as an emcee that gets exposure rapping about Islamic spiritual ideas and getting mainstream play. I like that Solomon Star also speaks on social justice issues on the track “Justice Or Revenge” talking about tragedies happening in Africa right now.

Solomon reminds me of a now famous emcee to step into the game who came from battle rapping who rose to mega stardom. But this emcee isn’t seeking to rise to the echelons of the Hip Hop stratosphere but do to lyrical warfare with the devil and for the souls of men. He seems to have a good grounding in the underground hip hop scene. Some of his songs make me reminisce over albums like BlackStar with Talib Qweli & Mos Def but with a Gospel perspective with a Ministers Of The Underground kind of vibe. Still he has definitely radio playable singles for the Christian market expressing faith and trust in God. He’s not shy to embrace the fact that hip hop has impacted his life and that Christ has molded him further and along the way to have lost some friends and suffer struggles on his own. It’s good to hear a transparent Christian emcee.

How he lyrically uses wit and metaphors to paint pictures and speak truth, spiritually and metaphorically, it conveys the gospel message through a man speaking true about his life. It seems like an honest portrayal of a man’s walk with God seeking “Eternal Life” and the struggles between now and eternity. The bouncy feel to the tracks make me want to get a 64 Impala with Hydraulics and hit the switches to the beat. I’m “Addicted” to the album got to give it a few spins.

Beats that stand out “Powers That Be” I like the bounce to it has a good solid mainstream sound to it while chanting that he won’t bow to the power that be, “Raised By The Rage” is a good into track, “When The Light Comes” is very underground, I like the dark moody sound of the “Fight Back” track and finally “God To The Rescue” has a nice beat and good hook. - Paradox


August 4th 2005
The Birth of Tragedy

October 2005
The Storytellas:The Man
Solomon Starr is featured on the following songs:
-Who's the Man?
-I am the I am
The Blood is Real

July 7th 2007
Twilight of the Idols Mixtape"

July 30th 2009
Eternal Life

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Solomon Starr is a gifted speaker, lyricist/poet, scholar and music producer. Born and Raised in New York City, Solomon began performing at age nine during the height of a Crack Epidemic. Threatened by robberies, drug sales and murder he transformed his confusion and anxiety into street poetry. Healing words eased the agony of adolescence, yet much of the relief he received came from the spiritual guidance and justice leadership training he gained through active involvement in a local church. His engagement with spirituality and justice increased his desire to positively impact his peers. However, Solomon confronted the challenge of promoting spiritual growth and social revolution to teens who suffered silently in crime and poverty. Motivated by this bitter reality, Solomon channeled his spiritual knowledge into grassroots organizing. While attending Central College, in Pella, Iowa Solomon formed the "Last Liberation Movement". As founder and lead organizer Solomon mobilized students on campus to create institutional change by advocating for racial justice in curriculum, personnel and public representation. In 2004, Solomon founded Sanctify Entertainment. Since then he has been on a mission to organize and empower groups across the country to create social change combining performing arts and social action. Solomon also serves as a member of StoryTellas, a gospel music group that provides support to disempowered youth in prisons, churches and devastated communities throughout the tri-state area. In addition, Solomon has given speeches and performed at such events as the acclaimed Rap Fest, The Holy-Hip Hop Awards, Flavor Fest and The Zulu Nation 30th Anniversary sharing stages with such artists as the Cross Movement, The Truth, K-Drama, Lecrae, Percy P and many others. Solomon is also a resource for filmmakers. He composed original music for "Artistic Closure" an independent film featured in the 2008 New York Film Festival. As a scholar, Solomon Starr received a Masters in Divinity from New Brunswick Theological Seminary; he graduated with honors and is now currently pursuing a Doctorate in Urban Ministry at New Brunswick Seminary. Although he has shared stages with influential Hip-Hop acts such as The Roots, Kurtis Blow, Dead Prez, and Wu-Tang Clan, Solomon Starr finds no greater satisfaction than helping to transform people through the powerful gifts of word and music.