Solomon Starr

Solomon Starr

 New York City, New York, USA
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Solomon Starr is a powerful lyricist notoriously applying ancient magic in wordplay. His verbal shamanism engages diverse audiences with the mysteries of spiritual liberation. His performances become life changing initiations into a realm of true meaning transforming hip-hop into revolutionary love.


Solomon Starr is a gifted speaker, lyricist/poet, scholar and music producer. Born and Raised in New York City, Solomon began performing at age nine during the height of a Crack Epidemic. Threatened by robberies, drug sales and murder he transformed his confusion and anxiety into street poetry. Healing words eased the agony of adolescence, yet much of the relief he received came from the spiritual guidance and justice leadership training he gained through active involvement in a local church. His engagement with spirituality and justice increased his desire to positively impact his peers. However, Solomon confronted the challenge of promoting spiritual growth and social revolution to teens who suffered silently in crime and poverty. Motivated by this bitter reality, Solomon channeled his spiritual knowledge into grassroots organizing. While attending Central College, in Pella, Iowa Solomon formed the "Last Liberation Movement". As founder and lead organizer Solomon mobilized students on campus to create institutional change by advocating for racial justice in curriculum, personnel and public representation. In 2004, Solomon founded Sanctify Entertainment. Since then he has been on a mission to organize and empower groups across the country to create social change combining performing arts and social action. Solomon also serves as a member of StoryTellas, a gospel music group that provides support to disempowered youth in prisons, churches and devastated communities throughout the tri-state area. In addition, Solomon has given speeches and performed at such events as the acclaimed Rap Fest, The Holy-Hip Hop Awards, Flavor Fest and The Zulu Nation 30th Anniversary sharing stages with such artists as the Cross Movement, The Truth, K-Drama, Lecrae, Percy P and many others. Solomon is also a resource for filmmakers. He composed original music for "Artistic Closure" an independent film featured in the 2008 New York Film Festival. As a scholar, Solomon Starr received a Masters in Divinity from New Brunswick Theological Seminary; he graduated with honors and is now currently pursuing a Doctorate in Urban Ministry at New Brunswick Seminary. Although he has shared stages with influential Hip-Hop acts such as The Roots, Kurtis Blow, Dead Prez, and Wu-Tang Clan, Solomon Starr finds no greater satisfaction than helping to transform people through the powerful gifts of word and music.


Night Vision

Written By: Solomon Starr

Verse I
I thought I was lost forever/caught up in frosty weather/
Walking exhausted never thought would all be better/
Living a life of striving for cheddar and ice
Pretending to be content and prevent the pendulum swipes
The sensuous sights denied my intent to do right
Deflecting the lights deriding my inventive insight
The tension and strife collides manifesting at night
Deception and lies survivals a perpetual fight
Sensible eyes are necessary to find
the fine line to escape the madness devastating panic
generating a state of sadness latent fragments
lain backwards in the brains of black kids
containing fractures and pains character of slave
who was captured and slain still wrapped in his chains
but he’s back from the grave manufactured and raised
ancient master who saves even kids from the street like me
moving a quarter pound on the weekly for g’s
smooth till I hear the sound from the d’s made me freeze
put up my hands and asked god please let me free
I promise to never go back again to the streets
If you are near to me then shield from grief
If you can hear me man then please give a speech
And release all the deep secrets you teach

You can see my heard through my eyes look at my life
Look at the price it took me from Christ
And put me in a place where I need night vision
It’s just like prison thank god Christ is risen
Verse II
There was a time when death was definitely a relevant issue
Shells could propel through my tissue/ flying from felons who’ve fizzled/but I ain’t lying dead from a pistol/I stay defiant even in the dismalest times they’re trying, but I trust god will get me through/connect me to the resurrections of humans infused with the movement to prove that the truth is the fuel and the answer to rule and enhance/ renew and advance every bruise and the scabs that come with the drama and passion causing harm to compassion alarmed by the actions of charming assassins/using the long arm faction to cash in and action speak louder than words/so I find the captions somewhat absurd when I observe/all the agony aching/tragedy after tragedy shaping mortality rates/and we advocate hate/while some of us do crime/in order to move time back/although few find that/chewed by the grind the actual fact is that/crack ain’t declining it’s climbing/and fiends is still buying/cream teams aligning and frequently riding/deeply confiding in no one/and so when they soul comes to god/I pray that he has enough mercy for the lost/

Author of Life

Written By: Solomon Starr

Verse 1
Everybody's riding on they on own wave/and I'd be lying if I denied that I been writing on my own page/A scribe I author my life like my own slave/alive because I can fight for long range/consequences of losses and not to mention the cross cracking my essence I'm tossed into dimensions of frost/ been a prophet since adolescence-the cost- of being the object of every lesson-the boss-/ its hard for me to handle so God gave me his presence in songs/ this is how I pray so come on/ give me a hand or move on/ I'm trying to carry the weight I'm shaking but I gotta be strong/finding motivation for mobilization /while satan got his stronghold on the whole nation/I stay pro-liberation while I'm building like a wise man on solid foundations/


All I know is that need to find my way into the sky

And be the light that shines

So if i see the goal I must fight to spread my wings and fly

I need to leave this world behind

Verse II

I was once told there's nothing new under the sun/Everything in meaningless there's no use for you to run/the futility of our agility becomes/trapped in captivity infinity is one/see we trying to deny it/but everything is united/ we fighting fire with fire but everybody is ignited/divine light deep inside us/reminding us that we can reach any height we desire/and all that is required is that we remain inspired/and stay patient as we wait for the messiah/ that why I'm grateful I can find the-light inside the darkness when I'm stuck crying in the mire/ I align with what's higher see I'm reaching for the stars/ shooting sky hooks like Kareem Abdul Jabbar/ I used to be a crook you can see it in the scars/now I write books finding freedom in the bars


Verse III

Another casualty//facing calamity/ hanging in the balance stranded I damaged my faculties/ enchanted by the fantasies of living lavishly/ But gradually gravity hands me insanity/anarchy reigns in the fragments of pain/ I'm feeling fractured ashamed captured and trapped like lame/ wrapped in my mat both hands out asking for change/searching for a master to crack and reexamine my brain/re-manufacture my name and bring me back to life again/both wrists healed but I'm tryina find the knife again/My soul revealed I'm tryina sacrifice again/I choose to kneel I'm asking for light again/Invite it like a friend/recite it to the very end/ like a pledge I make to make to my best friend/I am destined to walk in the showers of light that's why I talk like the author of life/

Chorus [Repeat]


August 4th 2005
The Birth of Tragedy

October 2005
The Storytellas:The Man
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July 7th 2007
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July 30th 2009
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