Solomon's Vine

Solomon's Vine


Start off with a dash of country, add a touch of southern rock, sprinkle in some moonshine and grit, mix it all up with southern hospitality and you have a strong concoction of Solomon's Vine.


These wild eyed southern boys entertain crowds with raw energy and pure emotion. You best come out expecting a good time of dancin' and drinkin' the night away. From the likes of Cross Canadian Ragweed, David Allan Coe, Shooter Jennings, Gov't Mule, Willie Nelson, and even Led Zeppelin, SV plays a wide variety of songs mixed in with their own originals.


With the release of their first full length album titled Heartbreak Radio, the boys are experiencing new success. Treading new waters in the music industry, Solomon's Vine is fast expanding its fan base. Spreading like wildfire, they're quickly burning the ears of new listeners everywhere with their music. Be on the lookout for them to come shake up your town!“Heartbreak Radio” is a work of love and labor that SV is sure will pay off. "When we started the Heartbreak sessions, we really tried to put out our strongest material forward, songs that we thought people would identify with," says Lead singer Jon Dennie. "In the end, it was harder for us to pick which eleven songs it was going to be. We had so much good material to choose from." According to Drummer Jon Lindeman, "We had around 30 Originals in all," said Lindeman. " Just before we started recording, we narrowed it down to 16, and then we made individual lists. We all brought in a list of what we would choose to be a part of the album." The lists were strikingly similar. In fact, they were almost identical. So it was settled. This is "Heartbreak Radio." "We made Heartbreak Radio the title track to the album, because we felt it really embodied the spirit of what we were trying to do." said Lead Guitarist Michael Tisdale. "We wanted to make a record that blended rock and country to the point that you didn't really see the distinction until you were already singing along."

Set List

We currently play all the orignals off of our current album mixed in with a healthy dose of Cross Canadian Ragweed, David Allan Coe, Shooter Jennings, Gov't Mule, Willie Nelson, and even Led Zeppelin.....there is no doubt that we have a good time on stage.