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The best kept secret in music



Solo Rythem is interviewed by CyberTv Online. “CTO”

CTO- Who is Solo Rythem?

S.R. I was born in Los Angeles, California. My parents say that from my first years I showed my love for creativity, that I would play away from the groups, and always had recreational hobbies, I always used to play with lego blocks, drawing, and studying. My father when I was 4 years old, took me to the grand opening of his investment firm, I guess from that visit my brain registered the same warriors soul, that my father has had and here I am flying and fighting to go to the top.

“CTO” How did Solo got started in the entertainment industry?

S.R. I studied in several different elementary schools From Saturn to Brockton and cruised my way through middle where I took some, music classes. I went to University High School, where I was admitted to acting crew where I studied acting, singing, etc, acting under the guidance of the great guides of Mr. Mitchell. Subsequently, I did many performance, in total about 20. until I my father told me once, “Son, if you are thinking to make a career in the entertainment industry, get involved in Music, that will make you money while you sleep, I guess that was one of my inspirations.

“CTO” Have you always been a song writer?

S.R. No, in my high school years, I studied many different song and messed up many times until I was able to create a good song, even though it is not included in my first album, I would say that that song was the beginning of my writing career. From there I have written many songs, 14 of them are in my first album, “4 shades...”

“CTO” We understand you did some acting, how did you go from acting to singing? .

S.R. Life is strange, although I had some success in acting, I made a TV Commercial for General Electric which generated me around $20,000 at age 14, I wasn’t too happy in this industry. After finishing high school, I decided to turn my attention to making beats with some friend and formed a group, so I left that industry and went on to create multiple songs, which I included in 4 Shades...,

“CTO” I have watched a very vivid, video clip, how did it happened?

S.R. About a year after I started to make beats, my father decided to get involved as the administrator, he made a contact with a Romanian Promoter, who requested a video clip, so, our group had to make a video to one of my creations, “Booty Bangin'” This video was done with the participation of friends and was planned and done in less then 24 hrs., basically everything was done by just friends. Even though it wasn't the best video clip, we were proud about it since it was done 100% by us, and as you say, it is a vivid video, we enjoyed the making of it, by the way this video clip is included in my “Solo …Me”, DVD.

“CTO” How are you doing in the music industry now?

S.R. After this video, the group disbanded due to misunderstandings, but even then I wasn't going to be stopped from my goal, so from then on My father and I had decided to work together very closely and prepare for my launching, that includes the making of the DVD “Solo …ME”
After our group got disbanded, I dedicated myself to creating beats, and writing songs, and it has been paying off. Great things are happening!

“CTO” Tell us about your recent trip to Eastern Europe.

S.R. As I said, great things are happening!, Yes!, even without being signed to a label, I have been able to travel to Eastern Europe, where I performed for some of the best TV Networks, such as MTV twice, Yo! TV, Fashion TV and many others, including being the main event for The Ferrari / Lamborghini Auto Expo. I spent 3 months in Easter Europe. I also did The Arizona Christmas festival. Since then I finally finished my album in November 2004.

“CTO” How about your spiritual life?

S.R. My Spiritual Life? is very interesting, First of all I have a great respect for God, I was raised in a moral family, Unfortunately In 1999, I stopped my religious activities , Never the less, I keep a very special place for God In my Heart.

“CTO” What are your goals for the new year 2005?

S.R. My goal is to be recognized as a complete musician, mastered my dancing skills, so far I write, arrange and produce.
I am creating my own label, ICR, which will support already known music talents, but also unknown talents and will focus on online talent management. Solo’s legacy . , form an International Fan club and Get to know them.

“CTO” How do you describe your entertainer personality?

S.R. Do you mean my Music?: its a wear mixture, I have influence from different talents, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, and The Latin rhythms . My writings try and hit every angle and I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I combined the ideas of Romanticism – including writing about the double meaning of the figurative speech of my generation. I searched for ways to expand my musical universe. I feel that a song should be an entire world and always with a message, even if it is a funky song, I write and arrange for all ages and would continually revise the details of productions until I am satisfied with the effect and as we all know, life evolutions, so my personality is always on the change mod.

“CTO” So you have a DVD now, what’s in it?

S.R. It briefs tells of my life, it is divided into three periods. The first, dominated by my childhood, where I received moral training and went into the creative side. The second, Going into theater experimenting the contact with the public, including Musical theatre and going into the music performer, and third, great video clips and photos of my first year in the industry.

“CTO” Finally Solo, how do you feel about your past, present and future?

S.R. Because I am not only a composer, but a innovative singer and producer my methods and techniques will survive to the present. So far I am happy with what’s been done, such as performing in Eastern Europe, have done a show case for great labels and gotten a positive feedback, done TV shows, created my own record company, launched my first CD, and my DVD. After all, I have only been in the industry for less than 2 years. I feel great about my first album, each song is different each song has a special meaning, I have given to birth 14 great babies, visit any of these Solorythem’s affiliates websites to either buy or know more about my babies.

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Bottom line, life is hard, here is your music…Solo Rythem!. So far and more to come.
- Cybertv, Los Angeles, CA


The “4 Shades…” album is written, co-produced, and performed by Solo Rythem. is available for distribution and sales at

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Buy it, call toll free:
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Solo Rythem

Track listings include: Booty Bangin', To Be Alone, The One, Funk Bomb, My Baby, Na Na Na, Triflin', La Unica, Dime Piece, Drunk Love, Trippin' (Off The Subject), Total Control, My Love and Baby Come Back.

“He is one of the most talented singer/songwriters we’ve seen in years.” –Az. Music Magazine

It’s the S dot Rythem, a talented English/Spanish; singer, songwriter, and producer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, He has been pursuing a career in the entertainment industry since the age of 14. His determination is as high as his love for music, leading him not only to write, and create his music, but also to produce over 90% of his material. Solo, co-owns his own music label, ICR Hollywood.

Solo Rythem was dubbed the winner of the “2003 Christmas Festival” in Phoenix, Az. and most recently was invited to participate at the “Golden Stag Festival” in Eastern Europe.

In the summer of 2004 he toured Eastern Europe; Romania, Bulgaria and other countries, performing in several clubs and exclusive events such as The 2004 Ferrari-Lamborghini auto-expo, the international “Fashion TV” and “MTV Romania” show cases.

His influences in music are such great performers as Prince, R. Kelly, Musiq, Dwele, Anthony Hamilton, Donny Hathaway, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Dwele, Jon B. and Raphael Saadiq.

Solo Rythem hopes to be able to bring some help to kids of the low income communities, by financially supporting Cyberkids Corp, a not-for-profit organization which provides free internet classes for kids, teaching them how to use the internet as a tool and not as a toy.

“No matter where a person comes from, where they were raised, or who they are, there is always opportunity for love, happiness, and a better future”. Joe “Solo Rythem” Castellanos.