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In May of 2010, Jacob Quimby joined Christian Essex at Big Barn Studios, stirred together Christian’s vocals and instrumental visions with Jacob’s heart-thrumming rhymes, tossed in a little xylophone for good measure, and threw down a genre all their own. The music and lyrics are guided by simple rules: brevity, sincerity, compositional complexity, and a stiff shot of Jacob’s homage-littered wit. These elements are then distilled into a unique blend that, like a vintage whiskey, cuts


If you’re sick of radio waves filled with formulaic mash-ups from profit-driven mass producers, Solo Saloon is the cure you’ve been waiting for… and that wait is over. Solo Saloon is pleased to announce the release of their third album, Solo Saloon 3, available now for purchase on itunes, cdbaby, and Amazon.

A definition-defying trio based out of Freedom, New Hampshire, Solo Saloon has earned the devotion of fans and critics from every musical genre because their music is beyond genre. With Solo Saloon 3, singer and composer Christian Essex weaves his syncopated mastery of sound together with the rapid-fire rhymes of MC Jacob Quimby and the primal pulse of Christopher Rhoda’s bass guitar to bring together seven complex yet constantly crave-able tracks that will resonate with listeners of every age and stage.

The album follows the should-be universal tale of a love found, lost, and ultimately, transcended… something for each step of the lover’s journey. From the tantalizing trumpets on “Just Better” to the seductive hook of “Yellow Dress” to the gritty organ in “Chromatic” to the grande finale of “Fall in Line”, Solo Saloon is riddled with instrumental riffs and verbal repartee that will improve your mood as well as your mind.

With several sneak-peak tracks in weekly rotation on multiple radio shows, Solo Saloon 3 is already amassing praise from musicians, critics, and dancing fools alike. Solo Saloon… rap/pop/folk/everything-else never sounded so good.


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